JadeFaerie’s Boys Were at Paris Fashion Week!

Posted by Jade Faerie on January 29, 2016


Being a huge fashion follower of course I noticed two of my favorite guys attending Paris Fashion Week.  And who were they might you ask?  T.O.P and G-Dragon of course, the fashion hotties of Korea!


It took me so much searching to find the right pics of the best shots because ladies and gentlemen some of the photos from Paris week were super weak!  But to my dismay and google, google low and behold I found some.  Thank you photo people of the world without you where would I, well we, be right now.

This sexy beast  T.O.P—your banging pompadour color was off just a smidgen but who is really paying attention to that when you look like this(drooling over the picture above).  This fan girl and so many more love the shit out of you in any get-up!  Choom for Life, baby.


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He was really handsome and stunning is his Dior Homme suit and, despite all the really terrible shiny and sweaty looking close-ups, this man can wear the hell out of a suit.

A photo posted by T.O.P (@choi_seung_hyun_tttop) on Jan 23, 2016 at 10:07pm PST

So happy to see T.O.P almost front row with the legendary Karl Lagerfeld and my person fashion icon.


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After watching this video I was really happy that he was extremely popular in Paris but when I saw his struggle getting to the car at the end a tear was shed.  I happy that he ended his evening with the best wine and caviar, T.O.P oppa style.

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And than there was G-Dragon!

There is nothing I can say about how special he is to my fashionable heart except I need the Chanel pins and may you be blessed again by this years fashion Gods and my hero Karl Lagerfeld!

#ChanelHC16 #ChanelHauteCouture

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I also want to give a shout-out to the New York times for actually reporting how amazing G-Dragon is and his international appeal!
G-Dragon in Paris

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