The Mysterous Case of Moorim School

Posted by Stephanie on January 29, 2016



People are all, you shouldn’t listen to rumors, but you know what? Sometimes if there are enough of them around, rumors can be true. Like a smoke/fire thing. Especially when lots of them, lots of them saying the same thing, happen at the same time.

Such is the case of Moorim School

There was lots of mutterings, rumors and hushed whispers about the current drama Moorim School. Word was a press conference was canceled which caused talk that the drama was being killed early due to a disagreement between the production company and the network. But no, we were assured, noooooo, that was all a big misunderstanding! The show wasn’t being shortened. Everything was sunshine and lolypops between all the parties. The press conference was canceled because it was….cold outside. Yeah, that’s it….it was too cold for an indoor press conference. You’ll see, when it’s warmer outside, we’ll reschedule everything.

Look away! No story here. We are not the droids you seek.

Then just a few days later, the real word came down the mountain. Yep, not only is the drama getting cut, it’s getting cut from 20 episodes to 16. In the world of storytelling, that’s a whole lotta cut. Not to mention that this drama is almost all preproduced so they got the word of the cut with just 2 episodes left to film. That means rather than 6 episodes to wrap up the storyline, the writer has TWO.

Fudge that.

It reminds me of Surplus Princess. Remember when that was unexpectedly cut down by a few weeks? Remember what that did to the story? Well, you should remember because I can’t. I didn’t watch it, I heard about that ending and—I’m good. Sometimes I’m glad that I don’t really live watch things because you never know what could happen. Stories can change, stories could be forced to change. I had been interested in watching Moorim School, but thought I’d wait for the end, then I’d heard cute things about it so I thought I’d pick it up. But now? Yeah, I’ll wait. Life is too short for incomplete dramas.

Why was the drama shut down early? Apparently, the thing isn’t doing so well in Korea. Not only are the ratings pretty poor, but the boards are filled with not very nice things to say about it—which is interesting considering how many people are liking it here. I always find it funny the reception of shows here vs how they do in Korea. Sometimes I’m either, “Why do you like that so much? Do you not realize this is a crappy show? Or is it possible are you getting a different version than I am?” or I’m all “Why do you not like this show? Don’t you realize how awesome this is? How well acted and written? If you make it so this show is cut down or make it so my actors can not get another role because you don’t like it…..Let’s just say you don’t want me to come over there…”

So are you watching Moorim School? Did you give this one a pass? What do you think of the news?


  • Reply Elena Linville January 30, 2016 at 10:46 am

    I am watching and loving the shit out of this series, so I’m really sad that they cut it down to 16 episodes. Sure, the acting can be silly sometimes and there are some inconsistencies (like the bedsheets switching beds overnight, or the main girl having a wound on her arm in one scene and not in the next), but the story is refreshingly throe free and it makes me laugh.

    I love all the characters that populate this strange school, including the teachers. Can we talk for a moment about the teachers’ night out when they got so drunk that the Dean had to come and fetch them because they couldn’t walk? And pay their tab? I have never seen that in any other school drama. And his revenge wasn’t to discipline them or yell at them after, no mister. He made them all each spicy curry the next morning, when they were terribly hangovered…

    Why would an awesome show like that be cut short? Why? Why?

    Ahem, sorry for the emotional outburst.

  • Reply Xika January 30, 2016 at 11:23 am

    I love the drama too. but I have to admit that it has slow pace in its story line. the heros n heroines gaze at certain scenes raised many questions mayb bcz of the secret its holding. i love the main cast n starting to like the supporting casts. the dean n suenah r so cute. Hongbin is too cute in this,

  • Reply JMertz January 30, 2016 at 11:21 pm

    Well, there’s no surprise that I love this drama. I’m sad to hear the news and I’m honestly worried that they will have to rush the story. I’m still going to watch it…and buy the OST b

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