Musical Monday: The BigBang Bangs the Golden Disk Awards Edition

Posted by Stephanie on February 1, 2016


bigbang golden disk 2

I think we can all agree that 2015 was totally the year of BigBang. The idea of having their greatly anticipated album doled out to is in tiny bite sized pieces was fairly brilliant. Why dump all those songs at once? No, the best thing to do was to piece them out so they could all shine, which also had the side benifit of BigBang dominating pretty much all of 2015. I’m pretty sure the rest of all Kpop is glad that they are done.

Boohoo guys, boo freaking hoo.


Anyway, they won a prize! Actually, lots of prizes (23 prizes so far), but at the Golden Disk Awards we get a sweet-ass performance video, so, at the moment, that’s the only one I choose to pay attention to. In this performance we get three songs, yes that’s three songs, three songs for one! Loser, Bang Bang Bang and Sober.

How about you watch it first and then we’ll talk:

So, good right? I think we can all agree on that. My favorite thing about this is just how differently T.O.P is dressed from all of the other members. Did someone forget to bring his outfit? Or did T.O.P take a look at the other members outfits and whatever they had pulled out for him and go, “Aww…hellz no.” Seriously, what was everyone else wearing? This was particularly funny considering in his acceptance speech, T.O.P talked about how in the future they were going to work on shining from the inside out. Guessing the other guys didn’t get that memo.

I’m also glad GDragon has moved past his mullet phase and is looking amazing with his sculpted hair—it really compliments his bone structure.

As for the performance itself, GD and T.O.P were on point! I’m glad to see that everyone lots of energy and looked like they were having a lot of fun. Sound wise, is it just me or did Daesung sound off? Like he was fake voicing it? Like for a joke?

Thanks for the great year, boys!

Here’s an encore of them performing Loser after their win!


  • Reply Jess JMertz February 1, 2016 at 11:22 am

    I would be perfectly happy if GD’s hair always looked like that, although it will change in a week. I LOVE that style.

  • Reply Crystal Williams-Brown February 2, 2016 at 1:14 am

    I’m always happy to see them happy.

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