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Posted by Stephanie on February 3, 2016

Casting News


You know why? Because my life needs more Kwang Soo—but then again—who’s life can’t be made better by more Kwang Soo? However, the news of this possible Korean remake of Entourage (as Jami laughed at me when I called it The Entourage) and what I have to say is it’s possible stellar casting, was very exciting indeed. 

As I’m not a young male youth and I don’t have cable, I never watched the Entourage, so I don’t have any particular fond memories of the original show, but I remember a lot of people liked it and since, as of late, I’ve been drawn more to dramas which are not romance based, I’m intrigued by how they will pull it off.

I also like the idea of a spinoff on an American show. Kdrama does webbooks, Japanese, Chinese, mangas, ect, so I like the idea that we have a show that they would find interesting enough to recreate. (I like it when my worlds collide.) Plus, since the drama is going to be on tvN, we know it can be a little bit sharper, a little bit edgier, and usually of a higher production value of a regular network show. All good things.

But that is just blowing smoke. What really gets me interested in this drama is the potential cast— we say potential because no one has signed on the dotted line yet—and lots of things can change between rumors and filming. If this goes through as originally cast I think this drama will go on the immediate yes, FUDGE YES, why isn’t this show out already list.

Let’s take a look at what I’m so excited about:SEO-KANG-JUN5

Seo Kang Joon. Loved him in Roommates and since then have been eagerly awaiting for him to sign on a drama that I want to watch. I’ve heard he’s a really good actor. I’m also excited that he’s up for Vince role as up until now he’s only been a supporting character and this would be his first chance at a lead role.

Waaaait. Turns out I’m wrong. A little research later I find out that the real lead character is not the star that all these guys follow around. So another side role for him, but that’s okay Seo Kang Joon, you’ll get there some day. im shi won

Im Shi Wan. Okay, this is the real main character, the best friend and manager of the star. Since Im Shi Wan did soooo well in Misaeng, I’ve been wondering when he was going to join up with another drama. Yes, he’s an idol with some Kpop band that I obviously don’t care about, but I think acting might be his real calling. (Probably because I don’t know what band he’s in.)

kwang soo 2

Oh, right. KWANG SOOOOOOO! I heart me some Kwang Soo. Kwang Soo would play the Johnny Drama character (who I think was played by Kevin Dillon) someone who is an actor himself but only manages bit parts. Yep. That sounds like a Kwang Soo Character. It might actually be a downside as I’d love to see Kwang Soo branch out a little and try something new. He is doing it in the movies, but he still seems to be determined to be ‘Kwang Soo’ in the dramas he chooses. Good thing I love Kwang Soo.joo jin woong

Joo Jin Woong. I couldn’t tell who this person was from the picture, I just couldn’t place him, but he looked familiar so I looked it up on Mydramalist. DUDE. This guy is currently killing it as the detective in the past in Signal. Yep. Yep. Yep. I am officially super duper excited for this show. He is slated to play a version of Ari the super agent.

(Turtle still has to be cast.)

Please let this show happen in tact.

And, just for a laugh, because Jami asked it of me, and if Jami asks, I CAN NOT say no as it is a condition of our friendship:

for jami

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