When BigBang Gets Bored, Instagram Saves The Day

Posted by JMertz on February 7, 2016



Instagram is such a great social media platform.  Celebrities can use it as a way to promote new projects, charities and also give fans a glimpse into their every day lives.  In the past week, G-Dragon and the members of BigBang have been having fun using it along with SnapChat to pass the time behind the scenes.

I love to check Instagram first thing in the morning.  All of my favorite Korean idols and actors have already finished their day and have posted while I was asleep.  The morning is my time to catch up with them.  Instagram allows celebrities to show the fans whatever they feel like if it is an account that they personally run.  Over the past week, G-Dragon and Taeyang have been posting pics of BigBang that are entertaining to me because they show both the professional and silly side of the guys.


First up we have the token media pic via Taeyang’s account:


Everyone is dressed. All the guys are done with makeup and hair.  They are ready to go, and they look amazing.  Do you ever wonder what happens while they are waiting to get ready? Are they always so poised and striking a pose?

Let’s look at GD’s account, shall we? Perhaps with the added filters from SnapChat.

YB&TOP @__youngbae__ @choi_seung_hyun_tttop

A video posted by G-DRAGON (@xxxibgdrgn) on

The picture of T.O.P. cracks me up since I am always seeing his posts of more cultural items such as art and wine.  I love to see him being silly.


Variety shows such as Running Man allow fans to see their favorite celebrities letting loose and having fun playing the games, but I love seeing the pics and videos posted from their own cell phones.  The accounts are glimpses into their every day lives.  They are pics that they choose to show us and when they are having fun like this, I can only imagine how much they are laughing and enjoying themselves.  I feel like it helps to show that they are real people and not some demi-gods that cannot be associated with the common people.  They have fun, take pic of their friends doing things like falling asleep and enjoy the same phone apps as many others with a smartphone.

Just think, without these apps GD wouldn’t be able to grace us with this:


How about you? Do you have any favorite accounts that you follow? Don’t forget to check out the list of official accounts that Stephanie has put together for this page!




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  • Reply Rebekah Roberts February 9, 2016 at 1:21 pm

    I pretty much am in love with Henry’s account. @Henryl89 He can make me laugh or melt my heart in seconds.

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