Musical Monday: The Gateway Drug Edition

Posted by Stephanie on February 22, 2016


dream high

Baby McFeeley, you know the one, the one I’m slowly, inch by inch turning into a Kpop fan? We’ve made significant progress! I’m talking leaps and bounds people! Ryan, on top of being a Running Man fiend, has become a giant JYP fan. (Don’t judge her, she loves his Running Man Episode.) So the McFeeley’s asked me, since I try to feed them (like little baby birds) videos or clips of the RM members in their regular lives, if JYP had any good songs.


From there she asked how IU got her name. Then it hit me! This was my chance guys! I could use these innocent little inquiries to further push my Korean Fandom Initiative. Here Ryan, you want a JYP song? Here’s a JYP song!

J.Y. Park, Who’s Your Mama?

Ryan’s Verdict: WOW! just WOW!

Now Ryan, this isn’t JYP, but it is a suuuuper cute song from one of the bands on his label. They are called Got7.

Got7, Just Right

Ryan’s Verdict:  that is so cute! i love it!

Hey Ryan, did you want to hear some of IU’s songs? Her videos are pretty fun.

IU, Red Shoes

Ryan’s Verdict:   COOL!

You & I

Ryan’s Verdict: awesome sauce! I loved all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is where I got trixie, moving to part 3 of my plan (part 2 being adding in Got7). So, Ryan. Did you know that JYP was in a TV show? Even better—its a musical! (She is a musical junkie.) And IU is in it, and Taecyeon (remember him? He was really good on Running Man!), and Suzy has been on Running Man a lot too. (I made a calculated decision to not mention Kim Soo Hyun because, after his disastrous first episode on Running Man, he is not remembered well in the McFeeley household.) Here is a song from the show!

And I’m telling you guys it worked! Not only did this get the Ryan seal of approval: awesome! I love it!

But even Jami is now interested in checking out the drama. “Is it like Korean Glee?” Woot! It’s only a matter of time guys, it’s only a matter of time because—you know—you’ve got to start them young.



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