Good Bye, Dr Han!

Posted by Stephanie on March 1, 2016


ryu deok hwan

Is anyone else perpetually surprised at how young, Ryo Deok Hwan is? It might just be is acting talent, but not kidding, I always think he’s much older than he is. Biggest proof to show he’s not as you think he is? Yep, he’s headed off for his military service on March 8.

Seriously though, so many of my favorites are in right now with so many more to go! 

Do you not know Ryu Deok Hwan? You might think you don’t, but I’m guessing you actually do as he’s more of a charcter actor although he as all the skillllzzzz to be a badass leading man. I think. Well. Except the height. But we don’t care about that, do we ladies? Anyway, for those of you who don’t remember, he was the King in Faith (remember, you liked him in that!) he was also in lots of movies (where he does most of his work) and for us, we mostly remember him as the awesome Doctor Han in the God’s Quiz series.

Don’t know the God’s Quiz series? Well, I’m not going to say shame on you, but I will say you should go out and check out the first season. There are multiple other seasons but I have a love hate-hate relationship with them.

Dude. I just realized something. If Doctor Han is headed off to the military for two years? Don’t you think that the chances we will be getting another season of God’s Quiz are pretty much nonexistent? Which just makes me CRANKY. Guys. Seriously. DO NOT END YOUR GDRAGON DRAMA WITH A CLIFFHANGER IF YOU AREN’T ABSOLUTELY—AND I’M TALKING LIKE A MILLIONPOINTONE PERCENT SURE—YOU ARE COMING BACK. I was mad enough that they ended the show the way it did, but figured it’s God’s Quiz, it’s God’s Quiz season FOUR. They had to have been coming back for another season, right? They wouldn’t just leave our Doctor Han, one of the coolest characters in kdrama hanging like that would they?

Hrm. Guess they would.

However, we are not here to complain. No, we’re here to say goodbye to one of the most under-appreciated actors out there. Goodbye Doctor Han Ryu Deuk Hwan. Good luck in the military. I hope you come back soon to a giant fanfair of great revelry and more appreciation.

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