Descendants Of The Sun OST Is Topping Music Charts

Posted by JMertz on March 13, 2016



Descendants Of The Sun is killing charts left and right.  With the high ratings, the large budget and now the OST, I think it is safe to say that people are loving this drama.

Song Joong-Ki and the cast of Descendants Of The Sun are on top of the drama world right now.  The drama raked in ratings of over 27% across South Korea this past week.

descendantsofthe sun2

The soundtrack for the drama is also in high demand.  With just four of the expected ten songs released, it has already begun to top music charts across South Korea and China including Melon, Naver Music and the Gaon music chart.

The songs that have been released so far are “Everytime”, a duet sung by Exo’s Chen and Punch, “You Are My Everything” by Gummy, “This Love” by Duvichi and “Always” by Yoon Mi-Rae. Currently on the  ITunes Kpop charts, “You Are My Everything” is #1, “Always” is #2, “Everytime” is #8 and “This Love” is #15. That is not too shabby for a soundtrack if you ask me!

Each song is already achieving its goal when I hear it without watching the drama.  The songs bring me back to specific scenes or they remind me of feelings when I was watching the episodes.  I can already tell that singing “you are my everything” could be right up there with any time that I think of “almost paradiiiiise”. You all know what I mean.

I personally love seeing music from dramas topping charts all over the world.  I would like to think that by the songs being offered on iTunes, that it will give people a chance to stumble upon them and perhaps discover dramas through the soundtrack.  This is definitely a good drama to stumble upon.

What do you think about the OST so far and the response from fans? Check out the video for “Everything” below.



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