Dramaworld: Possible Cuteness?

Posted by Stephanie on March 15, 2016



After the bummer that was Signal, I’m for real finding myself in an out of sorts funk. I don’t want to get excited about new dramas. I don’t want to hear all about casting. I just want to sit in my house and pout. Because feelings. (I’m nothing if not overly dramatic.) But, you know, what would I be doing here if I weren’t talking about dramas, right? So I hunted. And I searched. Then it happened.

The first trailer for the Viki made drama, Dramaworld

At first, not gonna lie. I scoffed. Ugh. How could this be good I thought. At worst it could be reminiscent of that terrible attempt at a Boys Over Flowers. (Do you remember that? No? Well, that’s for the best.) At best it could be….

I had nothing.

With a sneer (not kidding guys, I’m in a super duper funk) I gave it a try. And surprisingly? It is as cute as a button. Check it out

I was thinking that the girl who goes into the drama was going to have some sort of kdrama romance. Or it was going to be about her. But no, it’s actually an interesting spin, that dramas are all made in this world and all those tropes or cliches that drive us crazy are created by some sort of higher drama-power. Man, I wish this could be my job!

This wasn’t a show I was going to watch or look forward to, but after this teaser, I will definitely give it a try. It looks like it is not badly acted and has a pretty good production value. Now I can actually look forward to the cameos that are planned inside such as Siwon, seen filming his bit here



and Han Ji Min (you’ll know her from Padam Padam, Rooftop Prince, and Hyde Jekyll and Me).

As the show starts on April 17, we still have a ways to wait, but I’m sure between now and then there will be lots more teasers and whatnots to entertain us. And upside? I can be happy about a drama again. Let the healing process begin!



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  • Reply kfangurl March 16, 2016 at 6:05 pm

    Hahaha! I admit, I was like, “What?? Dramaworld?? NO WAYYY..” …And now that I’ve seen the trailer, I’m way more intrigued than I thought I would be, HAHA! XD It does look like it could be fun, especially for seasoned drama fans!

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