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Posted by Stephanie on March 15, 2016



So. The end of Signal happened. Let’s just say. I was less than pleased. Very much less than pleased. So much so that I may have ranted to a few friends. You know. Getting the feelings out. Thought I’d share. Heads up. This is not the official drama chat. That will come later. You know. When I can look back without my lip curling. Also. I am overly dramatic when I get cranky.

First up, right after viewing. Jess was the lucky one to answer my chat-call. 

Stephanie: Fuck you show, fuck you.

Jess: Right?!!! I was like “THATS where you end it?!”

Stephanie: We are pissed. Jacqueline says, thank God we are not alone.

Jess: You are not alone. I mean, I’m glad people lived (but by the brother. Seriously?!!! The innocent guy!) but what?!

Stephanie: Right? ? ? I’m legit so disappointed.

Jess: When they faded back from the car on the road I was like “no! No nononono. I need more!” More answers.  I really did think they were going to make it all in his head.

Stephanie: Right?  At that scene I checked with Jacqueline on the time we had left in the episode. I thought she said 20 and was cool with it, but then she said, no, FOUR. Ugh

Jess: I knoooowwww. I think it was all so they could attempt a season two.

Stephanie: I know and I hate them more for it.

Jess: I don’t want a season two. I want it to end and have answers. The drama was soooo good!

Stephanie: Right? This show did not need a second season. It needed to be done.

Jess: What will they even do with a second season? Someone else gets the Walkie talkie 20 years from now and talks to the profiler?

Stephanie: At that point do we even care?

Jess: We don’t, but still.

Stephanie: Gah!!!!!! I’m trying to rant to Amber and she’s all like I’m okay with it.

Jess: There were people who loved it. Especially since they are talking g second season. I felt like I watched a different ending.

Stephanie: I told her we couldn’t be friends anymore. 🙂

Jess: Haha. Kdrama makes or breaks friendships—I can already hear the ranting in the podcast.

Stephanie: It does. Cherry had better be on our side.

Jess: Has she seen it?

Stephanie: She said yes earlier today.

Jess: I just felt like I was on this amazing drama train and then it derailed.

Stephanie: Yessssssss. That makes it worse.

Jess: I knoooow. It was basically amazing until the last minute.

Stephanie: I am literally so sad. It’s going to take me a while to get over this.

Jess: I was wondering if I missed something and should watch episode again.

Stpehanie: I can’t watch it again. Can’t do it. I hold grudges

Jess: If Descendants of the Sun does this to me I will be heartbroken. Song Joong Ki better not break my heart

Stephanie: Yeah. I’ll wait. I’m not going to simulcast for a while.

Jess: Given he could just smile and I would forgive him, but still…

Stephanie: Nope. Holding strong. No new dramas for me.   I am officially not speaking to this show. This show and I have broken up. And it was a messy one

Jess: I’m returning it’s stuff tomorrow and burning all its letters.

Stephanie: Yep, I’m setting it’s car on fire

Jess: Eating cookie dough and moving on because I’m an independent woman, damnit. No second chances. Or second seasons.

Stephanie: Ew. No. This isn’t even worth the cookie calories. I’d get right back up on the horse, to show this show I’ve moved on, but I think I need to be alone for a while.

Jess: You need time for you.

Stephanie: It’s best, or I’m going to take out my feelings on another show and that show doesn’t deserve that

Jess: Yes!!!!

Stephanie: I’m glad you get it. Having it be so good and then flub is way worse than being medioxre

Jess: That’s why I’m here. To be opinionated about Fictional situations.


Then, after a night to sleep on it. Turns out I may still be bitter. Luckily Jami prefers me that way.

Stephanie: I’m cranky today

Jami: Me too! Let’s be friends.

Stephanie: Lets. And lets hate everything.

Jami: Done and done. It’s a good day to hate everything.

Stephanie: The worst? The show I loved so hard, that was so, so, so good so good that I was going to make you guys watch ended last night….and it ended badly

Jami: Nooooooooooooooooooo that sucks so hard!

Stephanie: It does!!!! Me = heartbroken. Jay is like, but that’s okay, because you enjoyed the ride, it was so good otherwise. Me? I’m like that just makes it worse.

Jami: Like bad enough to taint the whole endeavor? Been there.

Stephanie: For me? Yes.

Jami: I keep reminding myself not to get excited about the Netflix show of a Series of Unfortunate Events. I read and loved 12 of the 13 books and then …. I read the 13th and I wanted to light the whole set on fire.

Stephanie: UGH why do they do this to us?

Jami:  Seriously. I think some people are good at crafting a story but then can’t figure out an ending.

Stephanie: Yes. Those people can fuck themselves and never write anything again.

Jami: Agreed.  Let’s be president and write such rules into law—we can also get rid of this whole daylight savings time bullshit.


Stephanie:  Cherry Cordial is ‘making peace’ with the ending of Signal. We can no longer be friends

Jami: Agreed, there is no peace to be made with major disappointments like that.

Stephanie: Exactly. Let’s be friends

Jami: Done. I’m mad at this show for you. I’ve been burned before.

Stephanie: Thank you! I was seriously going to make you guys watch it because I loved it so much and I really thought you’d like it. Fuck that.

Jami: That’s why I only take recommendations for new tv shows from people who have seen the whole series. Sigh. Don’t get me watching Dexter only to get SOOOO into it and then want to murder someone by the end of season7.

Stephanie: Laugh. Let’s not be friends with them anymore, either. Good thing we have each other, at this rate we won’t have any more friends left by 2pm.

Jami: Meh – who needs em?


Stephanie note. Yes, there are still lots of things I like about this show. I’m just cranky about that ending. Also, yes, later this week we’ll have the official break down of the two episodes. Grumble.


  • Reply JMertz March 15, 2016 at 8:37 pm

    I’m also still cranky. I just wish that the ending as wonderful as the rest of the show.

  • Reply Maripaz March 15, 2016 at 10:33 pm

    Awww, I’m sad you hated the ending so much. Completely agree that the better the drama, the bigger the disappointment when it doesn’t end right. (Ie. Cheese in the trap.) I guess I’ll wait for the post or podcast but am curious why you didn’t like it. I actually loved the ending. I didn’t think about a second season at all. I thought it was cool that they were going to continue on the next chapter of their adventures and that the first adventure left them all with a sense of hope and determination. The smiles on both their faces as they drove off in the car actually lifted my spirits.

    For once, I felt like I don’t need more answers even though there were more questions. They completed their story. And now their lives have moved on, and it’s implied that no matter what or how long, they’ll keep trying.

    ::shrug:: I guess I like the idea that after this walkie talkie story ended, they didn’t go back to regular life but are still in some magical world where cool things happen and good will eventually prevail.

    Hope you find some good drama asap to wash away the disappointment! I’m so glad I marathoned signal to forget about cheese in the trap’s epic derailing.

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