Nell Leaves Woolim Entertainment

Posted by Stephanie on March 24, 2016



Here’s an interesting tidbit for those Nell fans out there. Nell has decided to leave Woollim Entertainment and start their own label called Space Bohemian. I wonder what this means for our favorite once Kindie then mainstream and now I guess back to Kindie group? 

The official statement went something like “While Mommy and Daddy still love each other very much, they have decided to get a divorce.” Statements like these always give me side-eye. If everything was smooth sailing, why leave? And if everything wasn’t smooth sailing why wasn’t it? Did they not have control over their music? Did they think they were put aside for other, bigger names on the label? Did they want to take their career in another direction that either side didn’t agree with? Or did they just hate each other and fought nonstop until someone cried uncle?

If you don’t tell me these things there is no place my imagination won’t go.

Recently, there was news I read which said that SM C&C and Woolim (who was aquired by the main SM several years ago) was going to step up their partnership. The deal is Woolim will focus more on the music content (I’m guessing creating the music) while SM C&C will focus their attentions on the distribution. Is it just me who finds it intriguing that pretty much as soon as that information was made public, so was the Nell announcement? Could the two be linked? A push out to go in another direction or Nell taking the opportunity to bolt? Hmmm….

Nell is one of my favorite Korean bands, hands down. Solid top 3 material. Heck, possibly even top two only narrowly being beaten out by BigBang. They have great music and a solid sound. Their music videos are sometimes some of the most fantastical, beautiful, sad things on the K-front. How much of this will change with this adjustment?

While I’m usually one who hates change, who looks at change suspiciously from the corner, who gets all pouty when musicians adjust their sound becoming someone else, the last couple of mini-releases (their last full album being Newton’s Apple in 2014) from Nell have been a little ho-hum for me. Yep, you can tell that they are Nell and they sound just like every other Nell song out there. Now again, this is me remember, I don’t want to imply that I want them to be different at all—I shudder to think of NELL IDOL BAND, (gah!)—but a little freshening, a little surprise might not be a bad thing.

Yep. I feel like such a traitor.

I feel like Nell is such a band that they wouldn’t really fit comfortably within a regular label. As they are not like a lot of other bands out there, and I’m not sure if regular labels would know what to do with them. Plus, there’s the fact that Nell is a band with a solid popularity behind them, one who has been firmly established. A band like this really could go out on their own and do what they do without the backing of a big company. If you don’t have anything great to gain from being under a big company umbrella, then why stay? Might as well do it yourself, keep that money in your own damn pocket.

The only sad things I wonder and or realize: 1) Is this the end of their awesome videos? In your own independent label do you have time for such things? Their last video was definitely more stripped down and…basic. Again, was this Nell’s doing or Woollims? 2) I guess this officially sinks whatever hope I had of seeing them play in person. (My heart swoons just at the thought of seeing them in person, I’ve watched concert footage and it’s amazing.) I just don’t see them having a reason to be here. Oooh. Unless they go to KCon one year. Please Please, please.

Whatever this all comes to, I wish Nell good luck. May the music be with you!

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