Maybe This Time, Park Hae Jin

Posted by Stephanie on March 27, 2016

Casting News

park hae jinLet’s just say Park Hae Jin does not let grass grow beneath his feet. Or  we could say he’s striking while the iron is hot. Or possibly he wants to wash the seemingly bitter aftertaste of Cheese In the Trap out of his mouth. Whatever the reason, Park Hae Jin is already looking for his next drama. 

And who is there, ready to scoop him up? Crossing their fingers on that score is the co-writer of Descendants of the Sun. Kim Won Seok, who also penned Queen of the Classroom is currently working with the cable network JTBC (as Descendants is all preproduced) on the new drama Man To Man.

While this is still a project he’s currently ‘considering’, I think this will be a good move for both the writer and star. With Park Hae Jin, he is certainly making a name of himself as an up and coming leading man, and for Kim Won Seok, she needs to strike while the Descendants fire is hot, pushing her solo writing career into a bigger path. Hungry stars, hungry writers, an interesting combination.

There isn’t much by way of information regarding the plot of this upcoming drama just a big guy celebrity needs a bodyguard. Park Hae Jin is in talks to play the body guard which makes me all excited in my fangirl places because it reminds me of his role in Bad Guys. While he was the the brainy crazy one, if I remember correctly, he did have some nice fight moves.

Who might be this other guy be, I wonder? I really wished it could be Jung Kyung Ho from Heartless City as he did just get off a drama, so I think he has some free time coming and I thought his primadonna star in Fasten Your Seatbelts was hilarious. But if they signed on someone like him, who would be the hero? Would you have a dual storyline? Like an ensemble? I’m guessing Park Hae Jin isn’t going to want to walk into another drama without being firmly assured of who the lead was in this drama after the Cheese in the Trap shenanigans.

I do hope that this casting comes true, or at least that Park Hae Jin signs onto another drama soon, I think he’s a great actor but I had no interest in watching Cheese, so honestly? He owes me another drama this year, doesn’t he?

Come to think of it, so does Jung Kyung Ho…

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