Musical Monday: Amber’s Back Edition

Posted by Stephanie on March 28, 2016



Had a hard time trying to find a Musical Monday for this week. I think I’m still riding high on that kpop funk I’ve been rocking for a while. I actually had to put out a call to kpop arms to some ladies. Mari was a goldmine of new music knowledge recommended and after I’d settled on Zico, Cherry Cordial swooped down with a little Amber. I’m sorry Zico, Amber and her adorbs trumps all.

Borders is a solo song by Amber done for SM’s new digital music channel project, where they plan to release a new single every week. The project began the beginning of February and has had releases from artists such as Taeyeon (from Girls Generation), Yoona (Girls Generation), Eric Nam and Wendy, and Yoon Mi Rae (oooh, gonna have to check that one out). Now 52 weeks of new music? That’s a lot of music, I look forward to see what sort of solos and pairings will come from this.

Anyway, I love Amber. She is a unique and special snowflake who just makes me laugh. Her first foray into soloist was Shake That Brass from 2015 and the music was really good. So, does this song hold up to it? Well, not so much.

Sorry, Amber, I still love you!

The song is very pretty and there are good parts to it, but compared to her first music, it’s just not as strong. Perhaps because it’s done for this new format? How quickly are they getting music out there? Her voice just isn’t as strong as we know she can be. And we are reminded this because there are parts, like during some of the repetitions of the chorus and towards the end, where she lets it all go and the song gets so much better. It’s not that I think Borders is a bad song, and really, any Amber is good Amber, I just think it could be better.

Now I feel like a jerk.

I do like how they don’t even bother to hide Amber’s ever growing tattoo sleeve. When we see in Korean shows that even men’s tattoos are covered (for example the bandage Gary has to wear to cover his during Running Man episodes or the blurring out of the back tattoo in Heartless City) I do like that SM is allowing Amber to be herself, tattoos and all.

Amber, Borders

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  • Reply JMertz April 1, 2016 at 9:50 pm

    I love Amber. I just want to hang out with her and laugh like crazy.

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