Le Sigh, Yoon Shi Yoon

Posted by Stephanie on March 30, 2016

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Not sure about you guys, but I’ve been looking forward to Yoon Shi Yoon’s first post military projects since…well, since before he actually went into the military. Something tells me I’m not alone, right kfans? I was a little concerned what he might come up with considering his project was a b-lead in a meh drama. But it was Yoon Shi Yoon, so I continued to hope.

Now all the cards are out on the table and I’m looking at a hand full of meh. 

Actually, his drama which seems to have hammered up all it’s casting at first glance looked interesting. He will play a mythical take on a legendary Joseon doctor in Mirror of the Witch. Fantasy saeguk? Interesting move my friend. As far as I know he hasn’t done a Saeguk before, and he’s really smart, so I would like to see his take on it. The other plus side of a the fantasy part of the historical? Is it just me or are those not quite a downtroddenly political? You take your history, rife with twists and turns, interesting characters and clothes, then twist it with a little of the fantastical? Now you have my attention.

So all good, right? Well, from what I understand, his romantic interest is legitimately like 15 years old. Yoon Shi Yoon just got out of the military guys. That is a big age difference to swallow. Not to mention, one of Yoon Shi Yoon’s best acting assets? Outside of that awesome skill? Well, that would be his no-holds-bar-I’m-gonna kiss-the-pants-off-you kissing style. So for this drama, we will either have no kissing (boo) or the kissing of a 15 year old (GOOD LORD EW). You know how much I’m not a Noona lover story fan? Turns out I’m even more of a, what…Ahjusshi lover hater?

Sigh. So close, Yoon Shi Yoon, so close.

The other bit of news is that YSY is currently in consideration to take up one of the empty spots over on the variety show One Day Two Nights. Yay, more Yoon Shi Yoon, right? Any Yoon Shi Yoon is good Yoon Shi Yoon, right? Wellllll….. Look, let’s all remember Barefoot Friends where, while he had is cute moments, by the end of it was pretty much just a warm body without much to do.

barefoot friends yoon shi yoon

We can blame a lot of that on the show, goodness knows that show made a lot of mistakes and wasted what could have been a pretty good cast, but Yoon Shi Yoon just doesn’t have that loud, over the top personality which is needed for variety. This is not a down talk to him, no, I like him just the way he is. Those quiet moments in the show when he showed us his reading room, or when he and Eunhyuk would hang off each other just on the edge of the screen were adorable. But is edge of the screen Yoon Shi Yoon worth sitting through Cha Tae Hyun, who is also a cast member?


Although. What if one of the people they were replacing was Cha Tae Hyun, would I be more interested then? Not going to lie. Yes. Yep. I’d check that out. But my dislike for Cha Tae Hyun is so strong it doesn’t even matter.

I like the idea that Yoon Shi Yoon is trying out new things. Look at Kim Bum, it works for him. I’m just afraid that Yoon Shi Yoon isn’t looking around and up the entertainment food chain, just trying to tread water. And you know what? He is way, way, way better than that.



  • Reply NewKDramaAddict March 30, 2016 at 8:51 pm

    Though I’ve seen the original story, there was no romance between his character and the Princess that she is playing. I can see now all of the Heo Joon fans will be up in arms; me included! He married his wife really young and was very close friends with the Princess! We will see what they muck up. BTW, in the last Heo Joon drama, the main leads had 20 years difference!

    • Reply Stephanie March 31, 2016 at 9:51 pm

      Well, that makes me feel better. I hope that isn’t one of the things they fiddle with.

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