Ji Sung and Hyeri Have Their Own Dance Party in “Entertainer” Teaser

Posted by JMertz on April 3, 2016



A teaser for the upcoming drama Entertainer was released and I do not think that it could be any more adorable if it tried.  If I hadn’t been interested before, I definitely would have been looking forward to this drama after seeing this teaser.

Entertainer will tell the story of a successful agent (Ji Sung)working for a top kpop agency.  After he is betrayed by them, he decides to open his own agency and create his own group.  The cast is set to also include Kang Min Hyuk (Heirs), L. Joe (Teen Top) and Chae Jung Ahn (Young Pal).  I feel like this may be heartwarming story of Ji Sung’s character wanting to prove himself again and finding a family in the band he has created.  I could be wrong, but I would be happy with that storyline for the drama.


The teaser is quite simple. There’s no dialogue, it just begins with Hyeri rocking out at work with her broom to “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift.  When she stops upon seeing him with her wicked dance moves, Ji Sung’s character does not get angry, he joins in. Honestly, I wish that this could happen to me. Who doesn’t love a good dance party where you can use whatever dance skills that you possess? I know that I would. The teaser takes after the video for “Shake It Off” in which Taylor Swift is having fun doing silly dance moves on different sets.

I love that Ji Sung is so willing to be silly and fun.  He is really talented in whatever personality that his character has, or multiple ones as we know from Kill Me Heal Me. I’m looking forward to seeing how the other characters play out in this drama and how the storyline of the band is played out.  If the teaser is even half of what the drama will be, then I think that we are in for a fun ride.  This video made me smile all over my face.

Entertainer will begin on April 20th. Check out the teaser below and let us know what you think!



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