Top Five Supernatural Dramas

Posted by Stephanie on April 8, 2016

Top Five

spookySomething spooky this way comes! There are a fair amount of kdramas out there with creatures that go bump in the night, mystical items which transport you through time—things which if you saw in your normal life—would make you stop and go woah.

Collecting my list, I see that there are a lot of supernatural dramas I still have left to compete, and even more surprisingly, find that a good amount of the more mainstream ones are just not favorites of mine.

So, here’s my Top 5 list of dramas with an otherworldly bent.

Signalsignal 2

Supernatural Element: magical walkie-talkie which allows you to chat through time.

It’s no surprise that I HATED the ending of Signal. But it’s also no surprise that up until those last 2 episodes, I loved the ever-lovin’-bejesus out of this time-shifting drama. It had compelling characters, was smartly written, and had a walkie-talkie that could change the future. No, we still don’t have any idea how it all worked and maybe we will never know, but I’m trying to make myself okay with that. Kind of.

Padam Padampadam padam

Supernatural Elements: The ability to change crucial parts of your life? Any do-over which allows you to be un-dead is a good do-over in my book. Plus, there may or may not be a guardian angel. (No Spoilers)

Gah, this was a good drama—up until the last few episodes, of course. Throughout the plot we got to see our poor regular guy hero trying to fix not only his life (and not get dead) but try to create better lives for those he loves or comes to love. This drama is a dreamy angst-fest which captures the imagination, lets you root for the underdogs, and wish guardian angels were a real thing. (Especially possible guardian angels who look like Kim Bum.

Arang and the Magistratearang 2

Supernatural Element: Ghosts, ghost hunters, fickle gods, soul stealers.

Arang and the Magistrate is a beautiful drama. Oh the colors! The story of an amnesiac ghost and the cranky magistrate who doesn’t want to admit he can see her, doesn’t want to help her, and most especially does not want to fall in love. This drama and it’s fancifully created world stayed strong right to the end.


Supernatural Elements: Body possessing vengeful ghosts.

We watched this one for Halloween over at the OKC and, lets just say, this is one creepy, creepy drama. It’s not one of the big names like the others on the list and, if I remember correctly only has 8 episodes, but it’s so intense you’re almost surprised it was on TV. If you like these sort of shows or horror movies in general, I suggest you check it out. I also suggest you not look a ghost in the eye because once they latch onto you—it’s not pretty—especially if some maniac psychiatrist decides to make you his pet project.

Nine: Nine Times Time Travelnine 2

Supernatural Element: This is the case where the title pretty much sums it right up.

Don’t we all wish we could get our hands on some magical incense which would transport you back into your own past? However, in Nine we learn to watch out what you wish for—you never know how changing the past will change the present. This show, despite a bit of a sagging middle, is great. It also had the added benefit of being the show which put Lee Jin Wook right on my radar.

Honorable Mentions: You Who Came From the Stars, Joseon X-Files, Faith

So, what are some of yours?

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  • Reply Spiceangel April 8, 2016 at 5:17 pm

    I really enjoyed ‘Oh My Ghostess’. The main male lead was Cho Jung-Seok, who I enjoyed. It also had my favorite female character actor Kim Seul-Gi…Love her.

    I also liked ‘Masters Sun’.

    I am currently watching ‘Vampire Detective’. I will admit I am only watching it for my Lee Joon fix.

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