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Posted by Stephanie on April 14, 2016

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kang haneul

The unexpected it man for 2016 could possibly be Kang Hanuel! And can you think of a more deserving guy? Well, I probably could because I haven’t seen him in a single drama he’s done, but anyone can see his steady tromp to the top. I’ve always been a big fan of actors who’ve put in their dues, talking their time to rise in the ranks from bit player to notable side character to finally, the crowning achievement, leading man. Although, I guess nowadays there could be another final step before true final man and that would be bit to side to leading man on a cable network, to leading man on major networks/movies.

Well, Kang Haneul is making his move. 

This year alone, he’s filming a movie, he has a drama set for the later part of the year and he’s just been offered a drama called Gaia that I really (cross your fingers) hope he chooses. Although with the live shoot system isn’t that a lot of work—a lot of toll on a body for one year? Since striking while the iron is hot is a thing, I’m sure that doesn’t come too much into the equation.

The drama in question sounds like it could be adorable (and that’s adorable with a capital AH). What would happen when a pop idol and an average girl get marooned on a desert island together? I’m fairly certain the answer would be hijinks mixed with slapstick with a sprinkle of tragic back story all topped with a generous helping of heart. Yep, that looks like it could be a lot of fun.

As I haven’t seen a single one of his other dramas, and everyone seems to want to rave all over him, I’m eager to see what has got everyone so excited.

Nevermind! Look at me not doing full research before starting a post! He was in Misaeng.

kang ha neul misaeng

I loved Misaeng. I loved his character. I loved Kang Haneul in Misaeng. He just seems like he can play those down to earth, relatable characters. (Of course I’m deciding this on the ONE drama I’ve apparently seen him in and the idea I have of his character in the Heirs fanfiction I read.

Yeah. I’m a super legit source of information here.

Anyway. I really hope that this is his time to move from the almost inner circle to the forefront of Kdramadom. He seems like he could be a really good edition.

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