Musical Monday: The I’m So Proud Edition

Posted by Stephanie on April 18, 2016



Another Musical Monday brought to you by my friends, The McFeeleys. The day before I concluded my visit with them, I wandered into the kitchen first thing in the morning to find Jami madly peeling wallpaper and Sean making his breakfast soup. (The McFeeleys are a rare and wonderful breed.) I settled onto my stool to start peeling my own section of wallpaper (as I’m just an oddball myself which is why we get along so well) and that’s when it struck me. That song they were listening to (on their own ipod)…was that? Korean??

It was! 

Not only was it it a Korean song, but it was an awesome Korean song, but more importantly? It was a Korean song I did not lead them to. It was not a Korean song I knew. It was one they found on their own, put it on their iPod, and willingly listened to! And not the pity play of, “We know Stephanie is here, let’s throw her a bone.” Nope.

Perhaps I should explain. These are the same McFeeley’s who are rabid Running Man fans. When Sean picked me up at the train station, he put on his iPod and started playing some of weirdest music. Now, these are the McFeeley’s who, as I’ve mentioned are special eggs, so I went with the flow. But after a couple of songs I couldn’t control myself anymore. “What are you LISTENING too?” I asked. Sean, very disappointed I didn’t recognize the music for myself, said:

“It’s a Running Man playlist!”

Yep, they sought out all of the character music and regularly played songs, acquired them, and made a playlist. I feel like I lost serious points for not recognizing it right away. Sigh. A few seconds later, the super recognizable SpartaKook theme music came on. (If I’d only held out asking for just a few more moments!)

Anyway, this song is really pretty and it reminds me of the Pasta OST. Which was mostly instrumentals that had several beats like this. Now I’m goign to have to go out and check out the rest of their stuff. I always enjoy finding new Kindie bands, and the fact that this was brought to me by the McFeeleys? Yep, Delispice will always give me the warm and fuzzies.

Delispice, Chau Chau


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