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Posted by Stephanie on April 19, 2016

Casting News

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Now here is a little casting news which makes the the fangirl spider sense get all tingly. After a long (a very long) hiatus, Gong Yoo is coming back to dramas! Not only is he coming back to dramas, but he’s signed on to Descendants of the Sun‘s writer and pretty much at this point, writer legend, Kim Eun Suk’s new tvN drama!

Yeah, feel the tingle now? 

His last foray into dramas was the fairly disastrous Big and how many years ago was that? Since then he’s been spending his time as an action/movie star. I know we should be happy no matter what he does so long as we can see him, but I prefer him in the drama format, don’t you?

The fact that he’s coming back in a Kim Eun Suk drama is also pretty momentous. Or perhaps this was just the kick he needed to get back to tv? I mean, with her hit track record and the huge popularity boost Song Joong Ki is experiencing right now, is there any actor who would even consider turning her down? My guess would be a big fat no. Which is why she gets to pick the best of the best.

This may be a weird me thing, but I also find it funny that it’s a Kim Eun Suk drama which finally brings him back to tv, when it was a Hong Sisters drama which drove him away. *ahem*allegedly*ahem*  For a while there it seemed like there was a contest going on between the Hong Sisters and Kim Eun Suk for drama queen, both putting out a steady stream of big named dramas. But in the last few years we’ve definitely seen the Hong Sisters stumble while Kim Eun Suk’s dramas just get bigger and bigger.

This will be the first time that Kim Eun Suk leaves network, choosing instead tvN for her next project. The drama is a fantasy, which will be interesting to see Gong Yoo do something like that, and is apparently called Mr Sunshine. Which seems to me an odd title for something non-contemporary.

I hope this show is good. I hope that I will want to watch. I hope it does really well. Not just because this will make me happy, but the general idea is that if this show does well, the chances of Gong Yoo returning again, would get better. It has to. Right?


I’m a huge Gong Yoo fan. Not just because he’s so pretty, but I think he’s truly a very capable actor. Remember him in Coffee Prince? Didn’t he just rip your heart out? I love actors who can really act well. (Although it’s sad you have to specify that, right?)

And with a roster that includes Gong Yoo, Song Joong Ki, Cha Seung Hyun, Hyun Bin, and Jang Dong Gun, I can see that Kim Eun Suk agrees with me!

How about you, does this get you all tingly?

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  • Reply evez April 20, 2016 at 5:17 am

    I am just one of the happiest fangirl now for his return! I really miss him so much and knowing that he positively consider this KES drama got me so excited! Couldn’t wait til November comes!….and i love tVn’s dramas!

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