Heroin (Addicted) Review

Posted by Stephanie on April 21, 2016



Heading into the webdrama Addicted, I wasn’t expecting much. Actually, to be completely honest, what with the (storywise) trainwreck that was CounterAttack and the incessant amount of behind the scenes promotion which amounted to basically hours of fangirl gay-baiting, I wasn’t looking forward to it. I thought I might even give it a pass.

I’m really happy that I changed my mind.

So, let’s give some history, lay some groundwork. Addicted is one of the BL…gah, I hate that term, can we please all get together and decide on something which doesn’t make me feel like a big fat perv? One that makes me want to duck my head in embarrassment when it comes my turn to tell people what I’m watching? I feel like with that term these shows should all be passed around, hidden in a brown paper bag. Or whatever the internet equivalent of that is. A romance is a romance be it straight or gay. Tangent over, back to  Addicted… BL webdramas which seem to be flowing through the drama pipeworks with an ever increasing frequency.

heroin 24

Guess I’m not alone there in my enjoyment of them, am I?

Addicted is based on a web book by author Jan Di (can you ever read that name without thinking of Boys Over Flowers??) who also wrote the original story of CounterAttack. Part of me wants to review both of these stories together, as CounterAttack should be ranted about, but Addicted is such a good story, I don’t want to taint it any more than it already is. I guess I’m going to just have to do a review on CounterAttack all by itself. That should be fun…


Anyway, the story follows the story of two boys one rich and one poor. The rich boy lives with his father who he resents (having to do with the death of his mother) and when daddy dearest decides to take a wife, a wife who wants to bring her own son to live with them and join Gu Hai at his fancy pants private school, Gu Hai has had enough and refuses to live with them, moving out, ditching his rich school, and enrolling into the local high school.

heroin 40

The poor boy lives with his father and grandmother. They are very poor and he is very cranky. One day his mother, who abandoned him as a child, comes back, tells him she’s remarried and now wants to be a mom with plans to bring him to live with her, her new wealthy husband, his son (who she’s sure he’ll really like) and wants to take him out of his poor school and put him in her new son’s exclusive private school. Bai Luo Yin, fairly pissed, tells her he doesn’t consider her his mother, and thinks he’s doing just fine in his regular public school—even if there is a new guy in his class who is a complete tool and they immediately butt heads.

heroin 11

Ding-Dong-Ding! Didja get it? Yep. Unbeknownst to our major players, our new ‘brothers’ not only land in the same school but the same class, and are instant adversaries. When I was watching and trying to get Cherry to watch our conversation went something like this:

Stephanie: I’m watching Addicted. It’s pretty good.

Cherry: Isn’t that by the people who did CounterAttack? Pass.

Stephanie: Yes, but Addicted is so much better!

Cherry: Well that’s nice, maybe I’ll check it out.

Stephanie: It’s the first time I’ve ever rooted for brothers to get together.

Cherry: Uhh……..

Okay, it’s not as pervy as I made it sound as they are not technically brothers in any way. Except, their new parents seem to think their marriage makes them an automatic family. It’s something you worry about within the drama as the story goes on as, you get to care for these boys and really root for their possible relationship, you know 1) if the parents ever find out they are going to have kittens and 2) both boys resent their respective parental units so much, it is entirely possible when they find out they this might put a wedge into their fledgling coupledom.

heroin 29

On the other side though, both boys hate their parents so much, and for once in a drama, have no problem fighting them for what they want for their own lives, if the parents just tried to break them up, I’m fairly certain they wouldn’t do the whole guilt ridden, break up thing that drives me crazy in dramas, but instead this would just cause them to fight harder for their relationship.

Go Boys!

heroin 34

So. Why did I like this drama so much? Especially more so than CounterAttack? Well. Despite the fact that each episode is only about 20 minutes (with 15 episodes for the season) the writers took the time to create the world and the characters. I binge watched the first nine episodes (before I realized at the time it was still an ongoing drama and the rest hadn’t been released yet) and within those nine episodes, they still were not a couple! This show actually takes a lot of their very precious time to set up first the characters, and then bringing these adversaries to friends. Yes, at this point Gu Hai realizes his feelings for Bai Lou Yin and does what he can to stay near him (very near him) all while trying to stop other people from being near him. Despite all of Gu Hai’s attentions, Bai Lou Yin will have none of it.  Laugh. The scene when they are all hanging out with Gu Hai’s friends and Bai Luo Yin asks them if it was normal for friends to touch each others…manparts, as Gu Hai had been trying to convince him it was, was hilarious.

heroin 36

I liked the dynamic we had with this couple, how they both had their own issues and dark histories, both guys were, well, guys. They were hard and aggressive with each other, neither wanting to give in to the other. Eventually, throughout the trials of the story, they both became friends sticking up for each other when the chips were down.

heroin 16

I made the unfortunate choice to read some internet comments on the drama as I was waiting for the new episodes to be subbed. Gah! I hate being tricked into simulcasting something! (Side note: Hats off to the Youtuber Blake who, not only subbed each episode but subbed it fast. We all bow down to great subbers like you, Blake!) One lady said that the show had bad ratings and had been cut down from 18 episodes to 15. I’ve since found out that this was untrue, but when I pondered her comments, I could understand where she was coming from, why some BL fangirls might not be raving over this one as they did over others. Why? It’s for the same reason as why I almost didn’t watch it, or, once I had started watching it, I liked the story so much. With all of those behind the scenes practice videos, and luring in OTP pictures, the production seemed to promise a lot more skinship, a lot more coupledom than we actually got (again, by episode 9). It was a slower moving character piece and I can see how it might turn some people who are there for a certain thing, off. For me though? It made it a much better experience. One so that when they finally did get together, made it a much more rewarding pop.

heroin 32

The reason why I’m making such a point to mention episode 9, is once we get more couple-y, the show goes a bit off track and I’m not entirely sure who’s fault it is, its more a combination of things which made you scratch your head and go—uhhh what? Let’s get into it. Things will get a lot more spoilery from here on out.

We still have a bit of good and unexpected surprises in store. When it was finally revealed just who their parents were, and in turn who they were, it wasn’t Gu Hai but Bau Lou Yin who throws a hissy fit. Mom comes up again to try and convince him to join her on the dark and wealthy side, there is Gu Hai with him. It goes something like this:

heroin 67

Mom: Great! You know each other!

Bau Lou Yin: What?

Gu Hai: Remember that dumb woman my father married? Yeah, this is her. Let’s both be jerks to her!

Mom: Then there can be no more excuses as to why you can’t come and live with us because being wealthy and having a friend is obviously all you need to forget that I abandoned you for most of your life.

Bau Lou Yin: Fuck all y’all, I’m outta here. (storms off in a huff)

While they were both hot heads in the story, I always expected it to be Gu Hai who had the most issue with the reveal of the parental connection. While both boys are prickly, it is Gu Hai who is the more angry and aggressive of the two. Bau Lou Yin seems to come more from a place of frustration. But nope, in the name of his father, it is Bau Lou Yin who huffs off, breaking their connection.

heroin 69

This is where you really get to appreciate how much better of an actor Huang Johnny who plays Gu Hai is. Throughout the story and all it’s flaws (and let me tell you, while I may sound all glow-y, this story does have some big flaws) he makes you feel what his character does and when he says it doesn’t matter who or what their parents are, begs Bau Lou Yin to care more for him than he does their situation, you really feel for him. He may be the bad-boy brat, but in this relationship, he is definitely the one who feels the most.

heroin 38

So lets get back to the crazy time. Yeah, this is where the story takes a brief detour into crazypantsville, and I’m not sure who’s at fault for it. Well, #1, lets blame the writer. The fake kidnapping? Are you freaking kidding me? Gu Hai may be impulsive, and childish, but that was just dumb. Then, whatever, it finally gets the fangirl first kissing in—by frustrated force. Not super cool, man. But it was funny for him to realize that Bau Lou Yin had been about to forgive him and that his stupid impulsive act had ruined it all.

heroin 44

Except. You know. It didn’t. Here, I’m not sure if it’s that they deleted a scene to hurry the story along, but they go right from that to—not only being together again—but having dinner with their parents? What. The. Hell. How did this happen? How did Bau Lou Yin forgive Gu Hai? And how is it now that they are ‘brothers’ it’s okay for them to totally chill with their parents? No, all was not forgiven on the Mom-front as we saw in later scenes (when we got the story back on track) but it really seemed like there was a missing beat there, and it made the lack of it jarring.

heroin 46

Moving on, towards the end of our visit to Crazystoryville, we have the section where, for a day, Bau Lou Yin thinks he has Hep B. It’s not that crazy part which gives me issue, as I’m now used to Asian dramas and their weird dramatic turns. No, my issue with this section was the bedroom scene after Gu Hai has his way with Bau Lou Yin to prove his point that he doesn’t care that Bau Lou Yin has this highly communicable disease. Or did he? I don’t know. We go from the start, to them hanging out in bed in bathrobes. Are you alluding to something?

heroin 52

Look. I’m not a big perv. I don’t need to be shown every salacious detail. But if, by your dumb editing, or censoring, I can’t understand a fairly important part of the story, Imma gonna be pissed. Did they? Did they not? If they did, why did Bau Lou Yin go right back to pretending they weren’t really together? After that, the story seemed to get back on track as if none of this had happened. Its liked the writers realized they accidentally detoured into Crazystoryville, stopped, asked for directions, and got back on track. The pace slowed back down and it became the story I once enjoyed again.

heroin 59

Of course by then we didn’t have much story left to go and they decided that this show really needed a second season and started bringing in extra unnecessary characters. The cousin? What the fudge was he there for? Bringing the ex-girlfriend back at the last second to end on a cliffhanger? Booo… But here’s the thing. It’s not a cliffhanger. The story ended. They are together. Bau Lou Yin finally admitted out loud (okay, so not to Gu Hai) that he was in love.

heroin 65

There isn’t a need for some manufactured angst for a second season. The whole thing reminds me of the second Like Love movie, which ended pretty terribly, and it makes me wonder what will happen in season 2 of this show. Is there still an emotional movie to tell? Or, as like in Like Love 2, will it be all external angst? Then there’s the whole, will they actually even have a second season question. Yes, they plan on it, but China also seems to be planning to shut all these gay story productions down. Who will win out?

heroin 58

For me though, this is one of those stories where I choose to believe the last few minutes of it didn’t happen. That we see these characters being almost cute with each other (as they are still cranky boys) Gu Hai, still being jelly at anyone who looks Bau Lou Yin’s way (because, I’m sorry, that’s just adorable) together, and happy.

heroin 19

Have I mentioned how, everytime Gu Hai comforts Bau Lou Yin or tells him it’s all going to be okay because Gu Hai’s planning on making up for all the love Bau Lou Yin has missed out in his life, my heart just melts a little bit?

Or a lot?

heroin 64

Is this is a great show? If you compare it, quality wise to other mainstream dramas, honestly, no. It doesn’t have great video quality, The acting is cheesy, the story takes weird dives, but there is something about this couple which just gets to me. And in the world of the BL drama? It is a fairly well done show (I’ve seen a lot of stinkers). When I started this review, I know I said I didn’t want gay and straight dramas to be considered differently, but quality-wise, you can’t really compare the two. I don’t blame these shows, it’s a new genre for them. It’s still very taboo. They are all just beginning, so you can’t really paint them with the same brush as the straight dramas. For now. But these shows are becoming more popular, and more accepted, that it’s only a matter of time before they start becoming more mainstream. I look forward to that day.

heroin 57

Would I recommend someone watch this? Well, if you like the BL genre, heck yeah! High quality stories are hard to find. Would I have this be someone’s first foray into BL? Eh. Probably not. Truth of the matter you have to get people hooked on the real crack ones for them to appreciated the smaller shows like this. Will I watch it again? Oh yeah. If I can watch the terribly done Counterattack more than once, then this will be on the high rewatch rotation. Will I watch season 2 if it eventually comes out? That’s a silly question. Even though I’m worried, I need to be there when Bau Lou Yin finally tells Gu Hai he loves him.


  • Reply Molly in Kdramaland April 24, 2016 at 12:35 am

    I liked this show, too, Stephanie. I agree about the awkward editing in a couple episodes and the kidnapping (what???), but overall, I was really rooting for this couple.

  • Reply Rosie June 25, 2016 at 9:04 pm

    I agree with this overall review. I think what managed to salvage this drama was really the acting talent and chemistry of the leads because the plot took such a strange dive after episode 10, I’m still experiencing whiplash.

    One point of correction, the character’s name is Bai Luo Yin, you spelled his name incorrectly for most of the article as Bau Lou Yin.

  • Reply i'm addicted August 9, 2016 at 1:28 am

    how could you call their acting cheesy? It was awesome!!!

    • Reply Stephanie August 11, 2016 at 10:09 am

      LAUGH!!! Okay, I’m a fan of this show, I really am, however that one guy? He’s not the best actor. The other guy though. He totally made me feel it.

  • Reply jet August 14, 2016 at 6:39 pm

    it really is a shame that the show apparently was banned in China, guess there’s no second season. 🙁

  • Reply Aldrin Ciudadano August 23, 2016 at 12:08 am

    I really love that web series!! I wish it has season 2 🙂 and can I ask if the Uncontrolled Love has season 3?

    • Reply Stephanie August 27, 2016 at 10:45 am

      I’m fairly certain there is a season 2 coming out, although now that I think about it, it has been a while since I’ve heard news. And ask what every you want! I haven’t heard that there is an Uncontrolled Love 3, but as I gave side eyes to one and I’m sure two, I’m okay with that.

      • Reply Alby Roma September 13, 2016 at 7:45 am

        are you sure about season 2 of Addicted ?

        • Reply Stephanie September 15, 2016 at 8:47 pm

          Here’s the thing. I WAS really sure. I know they started filming it, they actually even had enough footage for someone to put out a MV, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve heard any new news about it it, makes me wonder what’s going on.

          • SenGared October 17, 2016 at 1:26 pm

            I know why it was ban… i come across version in audio type in youtube… so i think the ending was well but bad…. i won’t tell too detail but it’s kind of make me felt anger but happy also frust about it…

  • Reply johhnnyy August 29, 2016 at 5:04 am

    The opening songs and the bgm for addicted was also very good. I also heard the is no season 2 and that’s a real shame because this show has some really good actors and the chemistry is good.

  • Reply mario September 19, 2016 at 1:04 am

    Hey sorry for disturbing, im just want to ask something. For I know and heard from many news, that heroin addicted season 2 was banned by china government because it has a bad influence for china country about LGBT issued. Are you sure that season 2 is gonna be exist? If yes, what kind of new do know and heard? Cause From all BL web series and all BL movie, heroin is the most favorite BL I’ve ever seen OMG, it makes me so sad and stress when i know season to would be banned.

    • Reply Stephanie September 20, 2016 at 12:56 pm

      Hey, no disturbing here! We welcome all comments. Truth be told, I no longer think there is going to be a season two for Heroin. Not because of the ban because stuff is still flowing like wine out of there, unless this one is so high profiled they can’t take the chance like they do with the others. With how quickly these things are spit out, I really think we would have gotten it by now if it were coming. It’s too bad, I liked the show, it’s right up there with Like Love in the ‘It’s technically so bad but why do I keep watching it’ way of things. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and in the meantime will continue to pretend the last like 3 minutes doesn’t exist.

  • Reply Emma September 22, 2016 at 4:47 pm

    Season 2 was dropped; the Chinese government banned it. I was upset by the news, as the ending of season 1 (with the introduction of Gu Hai’s cousins and BLY’s ex-gf) was meant to set up for season 2.

    As for the scene that cut straight to BLY and Gu Hai in robes, they had to cut out the scene (once again, restrictions on what could be aired as the government was pretty strict on that, but they ended up forcing them to pull the entire drama off the net anyway). The scenes that were cut out are floating around YouTube though, and will probably help answer some questions!

  • Reply Emma September 22, 2016 at 5:01 pm

    I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who thought CounterAttack was a mess (I honestly thought it was just me and my Unpopular Opinion lol!). After I finished it, I almost wished I didn’t. It was disappointing, really, based on the number of people who raved about it and the chemistry between the two main leads. Unfortunately, I did not feel much chemistry between them, including in the BTS videos and the photo shoot video (haha I tried so hard to like them). I thought there was more potential chemistry between the doctor and Chi Cheng’s ex-best friend instead. I’m guessing that originally, they intended there to be more episodes or another season, but they ended up on the chopping block and the rest was banned, leading to the choppy plot portrayed in 9 episodes.

    I’m glad Heroin had more episodes, and it was a breath of fresh air. I liked how they took the time for their relationship to progress (because the relationship in CounterAttack did not make sense at all tbh), and when they finally did – woo, was it hot! It was every bit cheesy and cute, but I ate it all up because we waited so darn long for it. So sad that season 2 was banned. Here’s to hope for it in the future!

    Thanks for the review! It was a fun read!

  • Reply Nali October 6, 2016 at 1:00 am

    I’ve watched the subtitled uncut version on Viki.com and agreed with most of what you said in the review. The actor who play Gu Hai is very good. His acting is very believable and commendable. He brought the character of Gu Hai to life and made Gu Hai’s affection for Bai Lou Yin very believable and very natural. When I found out that this is his first time acting, I could hardly believe it!

    So…..about Cherry, did she ever end up watching this show?

  • Reply byanni October 15, 2016 at 11:50 am

    For the kidnapping scene, that’s the first scene make me smile widely LoL
    i like that scene so much. the thought of how Gu Hai really desire Bai Lou Yin soooo much! and stupidly make people kidnap and tie him on his bed. It just how much Gu hai loves Bai Lou Yin but wrongly act on it.
    I love how Gu Hai aggressively touch Bai Lou Yin here and there. Some fanservice for BL lovers like me :DDDD
    And i agree on Gu Hai’s word, Bai Lou Yin didn’t love Gu Hai enough. not much as Gu Hai’s love for him indeed.
    At the end, slowly but sure Bai Lou Yin desire him back <3333

    ep 15 really the end??! i can't believe it!
    last scene is how Bai Lou Yin's ex comin to see him at school, Bai Lou YIn's shock, and Gu Hai's jealousy.
    How can it end like this?!
    it still has much more question to answer!!!!

    — Bai Lou Yin's ex GF is true pretty. i like her face, so beauty and cute, so pretty.
    Muccchhhhh prettier than Gu Hai's LuLu. what the hell with the cast .. hmmm….

    • Reply SenGared October 17, 2016 at 1:36 pm

      Well it didn’t end there on ep 15. There still going on but ban due to the story line. I know the ending, it’s kind of…. nah, i won’t tell. See if they going to do the finishing ep or not… i don’t want to spoil it… i got the story through audio version in youtube. It has a difference title… can’t remember coz i listen alot audio story in youtube…

    • Reply SenGared October 17, 2016 at 1:44 pm

      There is another story on this, it’s about the other two guys love story.

  • Reply aidan February 10, 2017 at 9:56 am

    i think for ur problem with the cutting of the scenes its manily due to a)_ the omission of certain scenes which were deemed too gay and were censored out, resulting in awkward transitions (search up the deleted scenes, while a lot are more touchy feely “sex” scenes, it does give you a better understanding of the story in general) and b) just,,, bad editing. In the original story (that im still trying to plow through; Gods, I’m in 170 chapters and im barely past the halfway point of Part 1 of the whole story) there are a lot more scenes in between the ones that are shown in the series. Some of these scenes end up being rather important to your understanding of the series, since the characters often make reference to earlier events which (surprise!) were not filmed in the series. And the script was kinda just a direct copying of the dialogue in the original story from what I’ve read so far so a huge bunch of interactions get lost on the viewer. Basically, it’s a lot better if u read the story too (for non-chinese readers, i think there shd be translated versions online).

  • Reply Sameena June 27, 2017 at 2:31 pm

    There’s an uncut scene on youtube!! Have you seen it? The kiss scenes are longer, one on the bed and one in the car.
    My favorite gay korean drama tbh. Yes the production is bad, but it’s so much better than others. Plus it’s even on Viki now! I am so happy. You could say I’m ADDICTED to the couple.
    Hopefully one day China removes the ban.

    • Reply Stephanie July 18, 2017 at 8:30 pm

      I MAY have found that and downloaded it. I MAY be making a Stephanie cut where I put them back in.

  • Reply Quinn7 October 23, 2018 at 3:33 am

    To be honest, I absolutely loved episodes 1 through 7, but have decided if I’m ever going to watch episodes 8 through 15 again, I’m going to have to skip through the scenes where Luo Yin and Gu Hai are in a room with a bed alone together, because Gu Hai is way too predatory for my liking.

    That being said, I liked how (despite some of the crazypantsville plot defects) there was quite a bit of realism added into the series. It literally starts with Luo Yin brushing his teeth in the streets, takes place in a beat-up neighborhood, has the high schoolers wearing those weird sweatsuit uniforms, and even depicts a few of the less glamorous aspects of Chinese culture (i.e., rudeness is respectful around those one loves). There are also a ton of heartwarming aspects to the show, like how both boys have different “love languages” (Luo Yin = quality time, Gu Hai = gift-giving), and the show itself feels so cozy and the pacing is so calming without getting dull that I have to give it a thumbs up.

  • Reply Danie E February 6, 2019 at 1:07 am

    This is my first BL series and I am absolutely obsessed!!!! You mentioned there are others you would recommend for starting off with BL dramas, what would those be?! I need something to help me get over Addicted . Thanks in advance and excellent post! I also agree that the cut from the kidnap to dinner with parents was way out of left field…like Wtf?! Lol

    • Reply Stephanie February 10, 2019 at 7:11 pm

      I’m so glad you like it! Even though it’s Chinese it’s one of the better ones. (Meaning they don’t have high production quaility and usually, they do not end happily.) You may want to check out 2Moons or Love By Chance. You can also check out my favorite list: http://kchatjjigae.com/2016/10/10/top-5-lgbt-dramasshows/

  • Reply Scrltpimpernel July 21, 2019 at 8:33 am

    Read the book. Its way better than the drama, which was cut short. I think its the best BL novel I’ve read to date. To me they are the best BL couple of all time.

    • Reply Stephanie July 21, 2019 at 11:33 pm

      I want to read it! Do you know where I can find it translated?

      • Reply HI September 18, 2019 at 1:57 pm


        I found a translation of both the books on this website: https://haikushilan.wordpress.com/addicted/

        (These translators and their work is awesome!)

        But I want to give you a trigger warning going into Book One that there are two scenes of rape. One ranges from Chapter 127 to around 132 (the latter chapter is when they get back together) and another from 136-137. So please be forewarned. (And I’m really sorry for being this direct in the comment section).

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