OKC Theme Poll: Battle of the Heroes

Posted by Stephanie on April 21, 2016



Marriage Not Dating has pretty much been a rousing success over at OKC for our last drama chat. however, it’s coming to a close (very quickly) which means it’s time to start looking for our next drama! (Is it me or did the drama go by so quickly?) So, let’s check out our new theme poll. 

This time around we’re going in for the ultimate show down! The question is, what sort of hero do you prefer? A take charge alpha, or a sweet beta?

Is there a right answer? I guess on Tuesday we’ll find out!

Alpha Alpha


Do you like your heroes to be barky and take charge? The kind of guy who won’t take no for an answer? A man who will push and shove everything to make things easier for you? (Well, it’s kdrama, so he’ll make life miserable before he sees the error of his ways and then will put all his might to winning his lady.) If so, Alpha Alpha is for you.


Beta Beta


Do you prefer a guy who is chill? A super supportive guy who doubles as a killer best friend? Someone who quietly supports his heroine in whatever her goal might be? All while just being a nice guy to everyone around him? Don’t be fooled, Betas are no weenies, they just know what they want and don’t feel the need to be ass-hats to accomplish it. If this guy sounds your speed, then Beta Beta is for you!

Voting ends at 9am on Tuesday, so don’t forget to get your vote in over at Operation: Kdrama Chat!

*The shows in these collages are just a representation, admins really haven’t narrowed down what will be chosen.

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