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Posted by Stephanie on April 22, 2016

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It’s been a while since I’ve peeked in on the Variety show Return of Superman, last I had heard they’d lost the long standing Sarang and dad, but gained that guy from Creating Destiny and his daughter. As I’d been a fan of him and his wife Eugene’s story, and never really cared for Sarang and her dad, I meant to go back but never did. Now with word of new shake ups in the cast and format, something tells me it’s possible I wasn’t alone.

Originally the premise was, famous dad who’s normally busy with his career gets filmed spending 48 whole hours alone with his kids while mom, I’m sure, heads off to a much needed mini break. It was adorable seeing these out of their element dads trying to take care of their kids. My favorite, of course, was the long gone Tablo and Haru.

Every now and then the parents would meet up with each other and interact, usually making for a ‘very special episode’. But for the most part it was dad, kids, and film crews hiding in oddly placed teepee.

Apparently, they’ve decided to shake things up, bringing in new dads with this twist—instead of being filmed in their own homes, 3 new dads will all be wrangled together in one location. So three frazzled dads frazzeling each other off—I’m thinking KBS hopes hijinks ensue from there.

The new dads are Oh Ji Ho (good gracious this man is beautiful, it might be worth watching just for him), Yang Dong Geun (TV and film actor and recently in the Korean theater version of In The Heights), and In Gyo Jin (actor recently in Cheer Up). All three of these men have 3 daughters who are all around 5 months old.

That is some young baby. How old were the twins when Superman first started?

So 3 dads with 3 baby-babys all girls all of the same age, all in the same house. I wonder. Is this going to work? Will it be as adorable as was Superman at the beginning? Honestly, I don’t know. When I first started this post I was pretty against the idea, but now that I know the cast and have had time to process, I think I want to check it out. Shhh…. let me concentrate. Yep, yep tiny little excitement tingles from possible incoming cuteness is there.

Surprise: me.

I wonder what the rest of the dads would think. Does this mean that the rest of the families won’t be a part of it anymore? It makes sense for them to make a clean sweep with this new format, but if they lose one of these guys (as dad turnover is pretty high on Superman) will it be as easy to find families to replace them? Is it a harder sell to find dads who are willing to take their kids to some strange location and stay with people they don’t know? These are babies. Or maybe by going to a separate location it will allow them to have more a separation between public and their home? But here’s the thing. My guess is if families are willing enough to have their kids filmed for TV, something tells me they aren’t that worried about keeping their kids private.

If they did kick the rest of the dads off though, that’s sad. Some of them, like the twins, have been on there since the beginning and some, like…uhhhh…..Eugene’s husband, just signed on and probably aren’t going to be too pleased to have their show usurped.

Oh wells.

So what do you think about the new plan? Good idea or bad idea?

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