Companies Hope that Song Joong Ki’s Touch Can Create Gold

Posted by JMertz on April 28, 2016


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Fans all over the Asia have caught Descendants of the Sun fever.  The insanely popular drama has caused companies to rush  from every direction in an attempt to sign Song Joong Ki on as the face of their products.

The Descendants of the Sun finale may have aired, but the demand for actor Song Joong Ki continues.  He has currently signed on to multiple endorsements that include cosmetic brands, pizza and travel.  I have even heard that there are talks of endorsements for clothing and toothpaste joong ki 4

Earlier this month, Forencos announced that Song Joong Ki would be a model for their cosmetics.  The company creates eco-friendly cosmetics using natural ingredients, so they feel that Joong Ki’s honest and  natural look are a perfect match with their product. Forencos states that they ” are going to actively promote in Korea as well as overseas with Song Joong Ki, who has captured the hearts of women worldwide”. The actor has also signed to be the face of Proya, which is also a cosmetic company that includes six different brands that are aimed to “satisfy the demands of consumers of different age and with different preferences”.  I don’t blame either of these companies for choosing Joong Ki to help sell their items to fans worldwide.

Song Joong Ki has also become the face of Jeju Air, an affordable South Korean airline.  The airline plans to have Joong Ki in printed advertisements as well as commercials in hope of increasing the amount of tourists from China and South Asia.  The airline is fairly new, beginning in 2005, but being an affordable travel option and also making advertising decisions that include one of Asia’s top actors can only help their company.  Perhaps they will show early episodes of Running Man  and dramas starring Song Joong Ki as in flight entertainment? I don’t think many will joong ki 5

If beauty items and travel are not some fans fancy, then the way to their hearts may be through their stomachs.  Who can pass up pizza? Not me. Dominos has announced that Joong Ki will star in an upcoming commercial along side Park Bo Gum, a fellow member of the agency Blossom Entertainment and his close friend.  While it is not unusual for Domino’s to have popular stars in their commercials, it has been years since they have cast two actors rather than an actor and actress together.  Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki together? I don’t think that I have ever been excited for a commercial before, but I am now.

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Descendants of the Sun has helped companies through product placement as well.  While they have not been able to sign Song Joong Ki on officially, the company that makes the red ginseng tonic that the cast is seen consuming in the drama has seen an increase in sales.


I cannot begin to think of what company will sign with him next.  At this rate, all of Asia will be plastered with Song Joong Ki’s smile.  What do you think? Would you be more interested in these products now?


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