The Ballad of Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki

Posted by Stephanie on April 28, 2016


My friend Jami was having a no good, very bad day. Like a bad day. The worst. So she asked me a simple question. Here’s how I delivered…

Jami: Bored and not a good day to be bored—tell me a story?

Stephanie: Okay!

One upon a time there was a handsome young man. He was hanging out, just looking for something to do.

song joong ki 2
He was so bored. He decided to look call his best friend.

They met on a variety show as newbies.

since they were the youngest, they had a lot in common and became best friends.

And though it made them both very sad when Joong Ki couldn’t stay on the show due to his very busy schedule

they were so close they managed to stay best friends even though they were both very very busy.

Song Joong Ki was one of the few people Kwang Soo trusted. And it was the same for Kwang So.

They supported each other whenever they
They were especially lucky when they were actually cast in a show together.nice guy
It was great to work together again.filming
And even though filming a drama is hard hard work, it was a little easier because they had their best friend right there on site.

But working together was also bittersweet, because they knew at the end of the drama, Song Joong Ki was going to head off to do his military service.

But even then they stayed friends. Kwang Soo even coming to visit him and when Song Joong Ki had his leave, he took the time to go to Kwang Soo’s sister’s wedding.

But soon it was time, time for him to get out of the military!

And who was there for him? Kwang Soo of course! They decided to go on vacation with their other friend, Jo In Sung.

Did I mention that Song Jook Ki mentioned that his biggest support mentally was not a girl group as everyone else says, nope, it was his buddy Kwang Soo.

support 2
But fun time was short because it was time for Song Joong Ki to get back to work. He signed onto the sure to be hit, Descendants of the Sun.

desendants 2
But don’t he wasn’t alone for long! Guess who showed up to do a very special cameo?

Yep. His old buddy Kwang Soo. Even though Kwang Soo was only there for a short time, they had a blast!
descendants ks
But now that is all over. And here Song Joong Ki is bored. Well, he’s actually very busy with all of the crazy popularity Descendants brought him.

He’s finally caught up to Kwang Soo, who, in Song Joong Ki’s time away, has become so popular he’s known as the Prince of Asia.

But Song Joong Ki has the day free and he thinks the best way to fill it?

That would be catching up with his best friend, Kwang Soo.

pure love
“Joong Ki-ah! What’s up?” Kwang Soo says as he answers the phone.

kwang soo phone 2
“I have the morning free…” Song Joong Ki says. “Do you want to……..”

phone 2
“I’ll gas up the car and I’ll be right there!” Kwang Soo interrupts.

Kwang Soo actually has lots of stuff to do. He is the Prince of Asia you know.busy 2
But it’s nothing he can’t move around.

“What do you want to do?” Kwang Soo asks.

“Let’s get some food,” said Song Joong Ki remembering that time they ate dukkboki. “We can plan our next trip.”

“I’ll be right there!” Kwang Soo says as he hangs up the phone. They both smile in anticipation of their next adventure.

adventure 2
The End.

Jami: awwwwww that was a good story! Lots of suspense! Will they spend the day together?
Will they not?

Stephanie: HAHAHAHAHA Well they are both very busy.

Jami: Right? It could have taken a dark turn.

Stephanie: It’s fanfiction. It could have taken a very dark turn—but my friend wants happy and light? She fucking gets happy and light.

Jami: Awesome! you can feel free to expand on it darkly for your own fanfic-y needs if you like…

Stephanie: Maybe. It was a little odd having a fanfic where it didn’t end with them doing each other.

THE END <3 <3 <3

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