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Posted by Stephanie on May 3, 2016

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After the huge success of Signal (Already, side note, did you guys know that the drama that the major networks passed over, that was picked up by tvN, has been nominated for some mad awards? Isn’t it so refreshing when that happens to the little guys?) Lee Ji Hoon (he played the profiler) is riding a popularity high. It’s not a Descendants of the Sun high, but a decent, solid previously under appreciated actor who does a surprise hit drama high.  The question everyone is wondering? What’s going to be his next project.

And from what it sounds like, Lee Je Hoon is pretty much open for anything. 

Did you guys know that he actually received a lot of flack at the start of Signal for his acting? That he wasn’t as good as the other actors? That he was stilted? To which I say — woah — were we watching the same show? I know I have a little bit of a soft spot for him (okay, that little bit might actually be more of a swamp sized soft spot) after seeing him in Just Friends a few years back, but I thought he was great! I think that this was more of a case of the character he was playing being closed off and stilted than the actual acting itself. Just think of what happened to him in those first few episodes. The past he was portraying. And top that off with the moody, don’t give away too much away vibe of the show was giving off, I think he may have gotten a bad rap.

detective hong gil dong

Anyway. In a few recent interviews (he’s currently shilling for his new movie Phantom Detective (Or Detective Hong Gil Dong) which looks AMAZING and deserves it’s own post) he’s saying several things:

  1. Signal 2 may actually be a thing. Or, more to the case, he would be open to it if Signal 2 was a thing. However, he would only do it if the rest of the cast, writers and production comes back. You know, the right way to do a second season (I’m side-eyeing you KBS who wants to do Descendants of the Sun 2 except without the same actors, writers, or directors.) Now, I’m sure I’ve, by now bored, you all with my issues with Signal so, would I watch a season 2? If you’d asked me last month? (It ended last month didn’t it?) I would have said no. But then again, if you’d asked me a month ago, I would still be giving all of Kdrama a big middle finger. However, I’ve had time to process my anger. I’ve decided to adult. And I realize, especially where the story left off, I think I would be angrier if they DIDN’T do a second season. The thought they would just end it that way without a plan in place? Yeah, that would burn my buttons. And these writers were too good for that. Weren’t they? They weren’t, right? Right?
  2. He’d actually like to do a melo or a rom/com. This I would definitely be behind if he were to pick up another gay rom/com… Actually, I’m not sure how  I feel about this. I know the real popularity is in doing these dramas, but he seems to have a different sort of persona than that. Or has built his career in a different, meatier, sort of direction? But did he get take those parts because he was trying to break into the mainstream? Either way, I guess we just have to support him because he’s fairly awesome. Does anyone else love his voice as much as I do? It’s interesting and unique.

To add to this mish-mash post, he also just filmed an episode of Running Man with Go Ara and I can’t wait to watch it to see him without a script. It will be interesting to see what he’s like. Although, I hope he’s not a dud, because being a dud Running Man guest can ruin an actor in my eyes.


  • Reply vox populi December 15, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    i know it’s waaaaaaaaay too late to post a comment?
    but i just wanna say, hey i thought i was the only one who loves his voice, it gives me chills!!!
    more than that, i love him for his humble personality, i think it’s kinda cute

    • Reply Stephanie December 17, 2017 at 10:08 pm

      It’s never too late to post a comment…especially when you agree with me. 😉

  • Reply Cathy June 28, 2021 at 7:44 am

    Signal is a mystery movie. You have to understand it to enjoy it. LeeJehoon really can play any role in a movie. Some people say that he is underrated…. Well, I think he is. People who are blinded by just looks, are stupid enough to ignore LeeJehoon’s capabilities as an actor. He not only have the looks but is awesome in every situation given him. Papparotti was one of my first k-drama., which I watched on Netflix. Wow!!!! I watched it several times…. He portrayed very well…… Pls do not ignore him….. Thanks

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