Amber Joining Entourage?

Posted by Stephanie on May 5, 2016

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I believe this possible casting falls under the file: Yes, oh yes please, what do I have to do to make this happen? Amber from f(x), the mathiest-math-math kpop girl group out there is apparently considering joining the upcoming drama, Entourage, a remake of the US show.

Now who else is excited? 

While I’m not a giant girl group fan, I am however, a giant fan of Amber. As is probably anyone who knows her. She just seems so cool, bright and funny. (I can tell this from the almost cyber stalking alertness level I keep on her social media.) She is definitely a girl you do not see in every girl group. Or any girl group. At least not in Kpop.

Because of that, I was worried that she would never actually try to make the jump to acting like many of her f(x) brethren (sisteren?) have. That her tomboyish nature would not allowed to be translated to drama. Who else out there thought she would have been a much better fit in To The Beautiful You?

Here we are though, with the upcoming tvN drama, Entourage, and she’s looking at a job as the assistant to…someone in the show. (I never watched the original so darned if I know.) Now, I have been in a love/dislike relationship with Entourage since news came out about it. At first I was super excited as the casting they were hoping for gave me a case of the drama-shivers, but when most of the people I was excited about took a pass, being replaced with people I kind of don’t like, I thought I’d have to take a pass too. However, if Amber goes ahead and signs on? Darn it, I’m going to have to watch just on principal.

I’m fairly certain she’ll never make it to lead actress, or even to kicky side-friend. Kdramas definitely like to cast a certain sort, and Amber is not it. Which is too bad. Also, I’m not entirely certain she has it in her to be a really good actress — I’ve seen some of her videos. But come on, Sulli is steadily acting and I think we can all agree she is not a very good actress either — and if we have to have not very talented actresses taking up places in our entertainment, we might as well have one who entertains us, right?

Man. I’m a jerk tonight. Sorry about that, I’m just very excited and it’s been a little while since I heard girl casting news and went — YES PLEASE!

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