Return of the Drama Chats: Mirror Of The Witch

Posted by Stephanie on May 5, 2016


mirrorwitch6A very important Kchat announcement…that you can pretty much glean right from title of the post. After taking a break after all that was Signal, me and my chatty partner in crime Jacqueline (from Fangirl Musings) are ready to jump right back into the the weekly drama chats. And for this round we have chosen….Mirror of the Witch!

“What the?” You say. “Didn’t you swear off all simulcasting? Especially shows where Yoon Shi Yoon romances a fetus?”

You’re right. On both accounts. I was not going to be doing any more simulcasting after the downward spiral Signal sent me into. And, while I was initially over the moon to see a new Yoon Shi Yoon drama, and tickled to hear he was trying a saeguk, the idea that he, a man who just got out of the military, would be romancing a girl who is actually 15 (and not my usual over exaggeration saying someone looks like they are 12, no, this girl is literally 15 years old) gave me a case of of the squidgies.

So what made me change my mind?mirrorwitch

It’s a two part answer. Let’s tackle the simulcast. The honest truth of the matter is that I am having a harder and harder time actually sitting down and watching dramas. I write posts about dramas, I do a podcast on dramas. My life is fairly drama-centric, but when I sit down to actually watch, or think about sitting down to watch, my brain goes to all of the things I SHOULD be doing instead. My ever increasing, self imposed to-do list. And that usually wins out. I think I’ve fallen out of the habit of watching tv. It seems weird, but I think I need to retrain myself to actually make the time to watch the shows I like so much. So, by doing a drama chat post, making a commitment to both Jacqueline and you the readers, will make sure I sit my ass there in a chair every week to watch some tv. Then what do they say? It takes 6 weeks of doing something to become a habit? Or as my old therapist would say, I need to create new neural pathways? Then I will be back to my old tv obsessed  slacker self.

Wait. That doesn’t sound right.

So that’s why I’m doing another drama chat. Next up, why Mirror of the Witch? Well. What else is coming out? I mean, what else is coming out that sounds remotely interesting? I can’t think of anything. I have my eyeballs on a few upcoming dramas, (dude, when is that new one W coming out? That sounds like one I can sink my teeth into) but nothing this month.


Then there is the fact that I really do like Yoon Shi Yoon and I want to appear supportive (see what I did there, I said appear because I’m not actually super supportive because of the whole sign onto a show with a fetus thing) and watch his new drama. Come on, look how adorable he he is:

Besides. Someone said that it may not actually be as romantic as it is being billed to be. Which seems weird that I’m actually rooting for a show not to be romantic. Then there are the teasers and character pictures. Mirror of the Witch looks moody and delicious. It seem like it might be a drama that you don’t see every day. That they may actually take it in a unique and interesting way. Considering the network is one of the smaller cable networks Jtbc, which, while small, seems to be specializing on quality dramas which are outside the norm with really high production value (like Padam Padam and D-Day). Perhaps it’s just time to trust in the production.

Check out some of the teaser:

These things are all well and good, but there is another thing which is driving me towards chatting about Mirror of the Witch. Maybe it will be as terrible as I’m afraid it might be. Isn’t it a little more interesting , a little more fun chatting (or ripping apart) a terrible or misguided drama? Or isn’t it easier putting the time and effort into a drama you’re not as invested in? Now, that actually sounds more terrible than I mean. It’s just that I was really oddly thrown with Signal and I really don’t want something like that to happen again. So maybe it will be easier to get back into it with a drama off the bat you’re all — eh.

Of course I may be over analyzing this. But that’s kind of my job.mirrorwitch7

Mirror of the Witch starts on 3-15 and after the 2 episodes of the week are posted, Jacqueline will post our chat about that week’s events. If you want to take a look at our previous attempts at this, you can check out Signal here and The Village here.

So. Who out there is planning on watching Mirror? Who is giving it a pass?



  • Reply Bess May 6, 2016 at 3:42 pm

    I find it funny that I understand the line “Yoon Shi Yoon romances a fetus”, but anyone outside of the kdrama world would be totally baffled!

    • Reply Stephanie May 12, 2016 at 10:05 pm

      HAHAHAHAHA. Right? I’m going to go with baffled and weirded out. I’m okay with that.

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