Khottie of the Week: Lee Seung Gi Smiles

Posted by Stephanie on May 7, 2016

Khottie of the Week

lee seung gi 8Not kidding, I had another whole khottie done. Not just planned, but completely done and scheduled, but then it happened. I was watching Running Man with the McFeeleys, the one where Lee Seung Gi was the guest. And Sean started talking about Lee Seung Gi’s smile. Yep. His smile. It made him…dreamy. Dreamy was mentioned as was bright and friendly. Of course, we all agree. Unfortunately, Jami was asleep and she missed the wonder that is Lee Seung Gi’s smile. So Sean asked me a favor, please find a picture of Lee Seung Gi smiling and post it to his Facebook wall, so Jami could see what we were talking about. Which of course, got me thinking. Why stop with just one? Let’s examine all of Lee Seung Gi’s Smiles! 

His, Yes, Sure I Always Wake Up Like This smile.

lee seung gi 3

His, Aren’t Babies So Cute? smilelee seung gi 7

His, Yeah, I Know I’m Sexy smile

lee seung gi 15

His I’m The Boy Next Door Who Happens To Be Super Hot smile

lee seung gi 16

His, Oh Shit Don’t Look Panicked But You’re About To Enter The Military smile

lee seung gi 19

His, I Can Even Pull Off Historical Costumes smile

lee seung gi 10

His Behind The Scenes Of You’re All Surrounded Selfie smile

lee seung gi 28

His, I’m Trying To Buy More Time Because I Totally Don’t Remember Your Name smilelee seung gi


His, Yeah, I Have No Idea What Your Name Is, So Maybe You Won’t Notice If I Just Smile smilelee seung gi 27

His, If You Like My Smile You Should Listen To My Music smile

lee seung gi 17

His Why Do They Effing Keep Making Me Do Aegyeo smile

lee seung gi 23

His, I Am Just Pretending To Listen To Another Story About Your Cats smilelee seung gi 5

His, Let’s Just Keep This Between Us smile

lee seung gi 4

His, Don’t Show You Have A Headache smilelee seung gi 11


His, Cordys Get Me Out Of Here, I’m So Fucking Done smile

lee seung gi 20

His, Have You Met My Crooked Dimple? smile

lee seung gi 22

His I Can Hear The Screams Of Fangirls From Here smile

lee seung gi 12

And finally his, I’m So Adorable I Can’t Even Stand Myself smile


lee seung gi 6

Happy Saturday!

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  • Reply HopesDD May 8, 2016 at 6:47 am

    I love this post, probably as a HUGE fangirl of Seung Gi, damn his smile is what made me like him -because at first I almost skipped a drama because of him- yeah I totally regret it, he looks more and more handsome the more I see him, and that ” I’m So Adorable I Can’t Even Stand Myself smile” just got me screaming probably making him do “I Can Hear The Screams Of Fangirls From Here smile” <3 can't wait for his discharge, why is it taking so long? :'(

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