Musical Monday: If It Weren’t For Those Pesky Kids Edition

Posted by Stephanie on May 9, 2016



Woohoo! New Akdong Musician! Is it just me or has it been a really, really long time since this musical pair came out with new music? Let’s Check. Yep. They haven’t released an album since their debut in 2014! In the world of Kpop (and kpop fans) that’s aeons ago! 

Not to mention, their release is a mini album. 2 songs. TWO. That’s it. Ummm… that works out to be a song per year. I know they are new and unique and still really young, but something tells me you’ve got to work a little faster than that. And if you think that this is to ease them back into music making? Nope. Chanhyuk, the brother in the pair, announced he’s going to be doing his enlistment right after this comeback. So it will be another two years before new music. I’m guessing Suhyun will be working on some solo stuff while he’s away. She’s got the pipes and personality to be able to make it as a solo artist. I can see her rocking some OST’s. Then hopefully, when he gets out, they will be ready to go.

Let’s cross our fingers, as this group is so unique and just fun to watch, it will be sad if they don’t continue.

Honestly, I couldn’t decide which song to have on the post so, SURPRISE! We’ve got both. In the first song, I love the video although it had me a little worried that I was rooting for a potential murderer. However, since they had me thinking I was rooting for a girl trying to steal her friends boyfriend in the videos of their first album, I should have known there was going to be some sort of twist in the end. This video is so pretty with the colors and costumes. I love Chanhyuk’s singing and he was definitely my favorite part of the video — he’s such a ham! Suhyun really seems to be channeling labelmate Lee Hi in the sound. It’s pretty, still fun, but was not quite what I was looking for.


For the second song, it has more a…Akdong sound. I know that sounds weird, but if you know Akdong Musician then you know they have a sound, a voice, a style. And this is more like it. While I don’t super love the song or the video, the thing I do love about it is how much fun the siblings seem to have with the song, but more importantly, together. They are and hopefully, will continue to be, adorable.

AKMU, How People Move


  • Reply coffeenlucia May 9, 2016 at 11:00 pm

    I’m pretty sure the mini-album has 6 songs, not 2.

    But I really liked their releases (and the concept behind Re-Bye)!! Even though it’s been quite some time since their past comeback T-T

    • Reply Stephanie May 12, 2016 at 10:04 pm

      Dumb Wikipedia, gotta stop using that as my go to information place. Quite time? I’m going to say past time!

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