Khottie of the Week: Heechul! Heechul! Heechul!

Posted by Stephanie on May 14, 2016

Khottie of the Week

heechul 5This week I’ve got a little bit of a hankering for some Heechul. Obviously, the only way to fix this is to make Heechul our Khottie of the Week. It’s the perfect plan. You know. Over-saturate yourself so you can move on with your damn self.

Or that’s the plan at least. 

Sounds like a good plan right? So let’s begin. heechul-1-feature

Heechul! heechul 4

He came late to my bias list. heechul 2

For the longest time if was Eunhyuk which rang my Super Junior bell. heechul 15

But Heechul shall not be denied! heechul 18

Why? heechul 9

Because he’s mother flippin’ Heechul. heechul 22

Heechul, the magical, magical pony.

heechul 6

Did you know he played the drums? heechul 3

He does.

heechul 19

And kicks major ass while doing it.heechul 20

Of course. Because he’s Heechul

heechul 13

He’s all sass and vinegar.

heechul 17

With long locks he obviously adores — no matter what the fangirls say.

heechul 24

You know the best part about Heechul though? heechul 10

Despite his name? heechul 16

Heeeeechul. Don’t you love it? heechul 14

He’s already done his military service! heechul 8

Now that he is my SUJU bias, I don’t have to be without him like the rest of you shmoes who ship Eunhyuk or Siwon or Donghae. heechul 7

HAHAHAHAHAheechul 21

Happy Saturday! (I wonder if I’ve been cured yet…)


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