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Posted by Stephanie on May 17, 2016



It’s been a while since we’ve had some Junsu news and a blog that is Junsu-free is a sad blog indeed. Good news Junsu fans, he’s coming out with new music this month! That Junsu, such a busy little music bee.

I’m very much looking forward to anything he chooses to hand out to us. 

The album, handily called Xignature, comes out on 5-30 with a preview track coming out on 5-19. It  is produced by the same person who helped him with Incredible which, I’m fairly certain all of us Junsu fans can call Incredible.


Actually, it took me a while to warm to Incredible, not sure why, but luckily I’ve come to my senses and its one of my go to gym songs. (I may or may not have been caught signing “Shake that spaceship candy” out loud at physical therapy… and no, sometimes there are things you can’t come back from. Spaceship candy is one of them.)

Here’s a little taste of what is to come.

Junsu, Junsu, yay Junsu. (No, no bias going on here.)

Can I tell you what I’m more excited for though? Did you know he’s signed onto another musical coming out towards the end of the year? (Yeah, I have no idea anymore about when he’s planning on going to the military. I’m living under a ‘just shut your mouth and say thank you’ cloud right now.) He’s been cast in Dorian Gray.

dorian gray

Come on. How awesome does he look in this?

And think about it. Playing the man who is doomed to be young forever? Yeah, it suits him. I wish so hard I could see him in this. Even if it’s not subbed. I’d shell out money for that. But alas, there are no trips to Korea in my future let alone this year future, so I guess I’ll just have to wait for the inevitable Youtube video links.

dorian gray 3

Sigh. Why isn’t tele-portation a thing yet?

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