Fun Friday: Life After Kdrama Addiction

Posted by Stephanie on May 20, 2016

Fun Friday


Yep, we’re all guilty of it. It’s not really our fault though. We’re victims. We’re victims to the time sucking, life over-taking, addiction that is kdrama. Remember those things we used to do? Things we used to fill our time with BK? (Before Kdrama) Things that you never thought you’d leave behind and yet here you are, finger pressed on the just one more episode button, like you don’t have anything better to do. Let’s take a look and remind ourselves just what we’ve given up on since this affliction reached in and took hold of you. 


Yeah. Remember those days when you’d get more exercise in than the mad dash for bathroom and snacks in between episodes? You could work out with your mobile device in hand, but all that tostling around makes it really hard to read subtitles. Not to mention the weird looks you get from the person next to you.



Reading subtitles count, right? No. I’m sorry to say, they don’t. (And you knew that.)


sleep 2

Just one more episode, just one more. The next thing you know it’s 4 in the flipping morning, the sun is coming up, and you’re actually having the thought “wouldn’t it just be better if I stayed up all night?” (Answer, no.) Sleep is a magical, wonderful thing—if only dramas would allow you more.



Remember when you had desires to see movies? Funny ones? Sad ones? Action ones? Now, you find yourself making the choice, do I go out and pay an ungodly amount of money to watch a movie or do I stay in my cozy little home for free and watch just one more episode…just one more episode.



Fresh air? Sunshine? Birds chirping? Ring a bell? No? Didn’t think so.



There was a time where you looked forward to doing things with the people you know. A time before when we used to not roll our eyes at the thought of leaving our house to hang out with people. A time when, if those plans were canceled at last minute, a small part of you didn’t breath a sigh of relief because you’d rather be home watching Kdrama.



If you think back really, really hard, there was also a time when you listened to music you didn’t sound like an idiot singing along to. ….Actually, let me rephrase that, there was a time when the music that populated your player was in English. Gasp! I know. Surprised me too.



Where does all that time go, man? Not just the fact that you look up and you’ve been watching tv for 5 hours, but also the struggle to get enough time to get to watch at all with real life getting in the way? It’s a struggle. Because no matter how much we miss out on things, no matter how much it’s consumed, we still think—how can we get in more?


  • Reply Brenda May 20, 2016 at 10:07 pm

    I used to go to the library every week and check out 10 or 12 books at a time. Don’t really do that anymore. My library card has probably expired by now.

    • Reply Stephanie May 27, 2016 at 1:42 pm

      I was obsessed with books, I had my own mother fudging library! Now? Yeah. Unless it’s an audio book, it doesn’t really happen. Who am I??

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