Gong Yoo of the Dead

Posted by Stephanie on May 20, 2016


train to busan 5

Well, wishing, hoping and crossing fingers got me that much closer to seeing Phantom Detective in the theater so maybe, if I’m a very good girl and promise to recycle and stay away from complex carbohydrates, it will work again and this zombie train will stop here.

Wait what? I’m rooting for a zombie movie? That doesn’t sound like me, a person who is terrified by the idea of zombies. 

However, a zombie movie starring Gong Yoo? Here — let me open my wallet so I can throw my cash upon you. Not to mention, if you look at the trailer (and it’s video with Gong Yoo, so why wouldn’t you?) it seems more action/thriller than something taking up residence firmly in the horror genre.

Though (not kidding) zombies are something that terrify the bejeezus out of me. (I think it was one of those horror movies that had the tagline ‘There’s no more room in hell.” Which got my over active imagination going.) The only zombie movie I’ve been able to get through is Shawn of the Dead — again because it doesn’t sit firmly in the horror genre.

train to busan 7

Action/Adventure? Can do!

Gong Yoo, I can definitely do. Ahem.

train to busan 6

The trailer is great and the movie looks like it will be a fun (and probably scary) time. The premise raises so many questions: Why are there zombies in this world? Was Gong Yoo and daughter already on the train to Busan when zombies arose? Became? Why is Busan the only safe place? Busan? Really? How do the people know that? Are zombies coming after the train? Like do zombies know that these are the only people left to eat? Can zombies move fast enough to catch a train? Do zombies use cell phones? You know… to tell other zombies  the train is coming their way on the chance the zombies can’t Usain Bolt it after the train?

train to busan 3

See? A thirty second trailer and so many questions. I. Must. Know.

So lets all cross our fingers together that Train To Busan comes here so that I can get the answers I need. Inquiring minds want to know. train to busan 2

And I wouldn’t say no to a little Gong Yoo face time.

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