Cinderella and Her Knights Found A Home!

Posted by Stephanie on May 27, 2016



Let’s all together breathe a sigh of relief. Of course, this is probably not nearly as big of a sigh as the production and the actors are doing right now, but with all that they had put on the line, who can blame them? Anyway, this homeless show finally found a home on tvN.

I think several things with this announcement. 

Do you think tvN got it at a discount? With the networks clearly not super interested in it, so much so that the production was almost at a standstill, do you think tvN swooped in and said, “Yeah, maybe we’ll take it, but you’ve got to sweeten the pot.”? I mean, it’s just good business sense isn’t it? (If that’s how things are done.) Accept less money or a lesser percentage with some hope of breaking even or possibly making a profit rather than just languishing on a shelf? I wish I could have been a fly in the wall during that meeting  — a Korean speaking fly of course.

Thinking this might actually be a good match for them? From what I understand Cinderella and the Four Knights has low key cable network written all over them.

I wonder when the show will actually hit the air? It’s not like tvN picked them up and said “we must put you on, right now!” Nope. It’s been picked up for a later date. Especially considering one of the few open dates will put it head to head with a major network drama that the lead actress in Cinderella just signed onto. Apparently
that’s just not done, dah-ling. I mean, I guess it could work for the initial buzz, but despite being very different stories, the two would be pitted up together, people choosing one or the other, when they are completely different stories, each deserving of a chance. (Not that I know anything about the other show, it could be poo, but for the sake of argument let’s just say both are worthy of attention.) And with everything that has gone on with Cinderella, something tells me once it hits the air, it will already have a bit of a buzz following it.

I hope, after all this, the drama is good. It’s one I am actually interested in seeing. If they went through all of this only to be mediocre, or worse, bad, that really sucks for all involved (meaning us the watchers). There is part of my sneaky jerk brain that wonders, if it were really, really good, would it have had that hard of a time finding a network? Hmmm….

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