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Posted by Stephanie on May 27, 2016

Fun Friday

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I’m ready to come clean people. I have a potentially horribly embarrassing secret (or if you’re a reader or listener to the podcast, not so secret) to share with you. I wasn’t going to. I figured I’d do something horrible like having my nails plucked out, or wearing a bathing suit in public, or gasp, watching Dr Jin before making this secret public. But I’ve learned something during my time here. I don’t really have much left by the way of shame. Or, to clarify, internet shame. So here it is my friends. Try to keep your mocking to a minimum.

I write fanfiction. 

GASP. I know! I couldn’t believe it either! What has become of my life you ask? How did it get to this point? Well, there’s a story for you. But before that, I should admit one more thing.

Yeah. Sooo….I write totally gay fanfiction. Like super gay fanfic.

Now back to how this happened. It actually started a long, long time ago. Right here on the blog. Remember that post when I was giving away the Kim Soo Hyun poster? Well, I was wondering what I should have you do in order to win said poster. My friend Xe had some ideas — a list which grew harder and wilder with every entry. One of options were: write a slash-fic with Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho. I said no.

So she wrote it herself.

It started small just little entries in FB chat, but with every entry we squeeee’d like girls and egged her on. It was so much fun being part of the group and watching a story be crafted, then talking amongst ourselves after each entry, wondering where it would go from there.

Another thing you might (maybe) not know about me is the fact that I come from a writer background. I always thought I’d be a writer and worked and studied to better my fairly non-existent skills. I’d gotten as far as having one of my manuscripts accepted by an agent. However, I’ve learned, and grown, and realized a regular writer is not me. Or actually, Kdrama happened, the blog took off, and I got addicted to writing shit people actually wanted to read. Whenever my friends asked me when I was going to get back to writing, I’d tell them, what are you talking about? I write every single day. It’s just that the medium is different. I never thought I’d go back to writing.

Then MinHyun happened.

And, frustrated to be that close to a story being written, to be able to partake but still be on the sidelines, I thought to myself, Dude. (yes, sometimes I refer to myself as dude) you should totally write one! But who to choose, who to choose?

Of course, it’s not like I had read any fanfiction besides MinHyun. So I didn’t realize the usual fanfiction was writing people from the same shows or bands. No, I had to do what Xe did and choose the oddest pairing and try to make them work together.

And yet, I didn’t choose. The possible project sat there for a long time. You know, I was busy. Then Crazy for Kdrama got shut down. And honestly, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start back up again. I didn’t want to put so much time and effort into something which could be taken down so easily. So I looked to writing.

I’ll also admit there was a little bit of…”oh, so you’re gonna shut me down? Well then for your punishment I’m going to make 2 of your biggest stars gay. Super gay.” Take that, suckers!

I’m an odd duck, what can I say.

So TopSu was born.

Are you ready for this? GAH! I’m cringing already. Remember you promised not to judge me!

So. The story I’m currently finishing up is officially called T.O.P’s Boyfriend and it features the pairing of T.O.P and….Junsu. GAH!!!! Excuse me while I go hide underneath this rock for the rest of my life.

Jami once asked me: Why do you want to gay fanfic all your faves?

Answer? I DON’T KNOW!! It’s possibly a sickness? You know what’s crazier? I’ve been getting all photoshoppy about it. Are you guys ready for this? Okay, I’m going to press the send button and run away from my computer in embarrassment.


topsu 2topsu 3topsu 4topsu 5


Go ahead. Feel free to never speak to me again. I completely understand.

So, why am I telling you this? Well, here’s the thing. 1) I’m a TERRIBLE secret keeper (when it comes to my own secrets that is) and 2) in for a penny, in for a pound? I’ve just started releasing chapters on a fanfiction site called Archive of Our Own (AO3). There are 5 chapters up now and I update it every week. Here’s the official synopsis:

Sometimes it’s best not to meet your celebrity crushes. Unfortunately, Junsu learned that the hard way after his first meeting with T.O.P goes horribly, horribly wrong. So wrong he may just tear up that T.O.P fanclub card. (But probably not.) What Junsu doesn’t know is that T.O.P is now looking for him to ask a favor Junsu is unable to refuse.

Are you cringing yet? I am. And I have a tumblr for it! Where I put up some of the inspiration pictures and gifs that my friends have helped me curate for…research. Also, some of my pretty terrible photoshops. Like this… (this is where people who write about members of the same band have it easy)


and this one. 12584152_10206174119978002_1837473775_n

(Okay, not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of that one.)

Anyway, if you have any interest in reading it, you can here. If not, that’s cool. Go about your day. Pretend this post never existed. Or I’ll pretend you’re pretending this post never existed while I subconsciously know that’s why you’re giving me side-eye.

If you do decide to read it know these things.

1) I didn’t read fanfiction before starting it.

2) It’s pretty long.

3) It’s pretty slow moving.

4) It will eventually get smutty. (As any good fanfiction should…)

5) As I’m almost done with it, I won’t leave the story hanging as, now that I read fanfiction, that’s something that irritates me. (Especially since I can’t want to get this done so I can go on to other, possibly stranger pairings.)

6) I’m a passable writer.


Now that I have died of embarrassment. I will continue about my blogging day.


  • Reply Kelly May 27, 2016 at 4:59 pm

    squeeing so hard. I’m going to have to read the story.

  • Reply purplerrr May 27, 2016 at 9:54 pm

    This makes me sooooo happy!!!!!

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