Quitters Gotta Quit: Deciding to Bail on Mirror

Posted by Stephanie on June 1, 2016


mirror noStephanie: Here’s the thing. We were about to settle in to watch this week’s episodes of Mirror of the Witch and I was hit with the dark thought: I don’t want to be watching this. I didn’t. I was not looking forward to it at all. Which brought up a whole different set of problems.

Jacqueline: And by “problems,” we mean Jacqueline wants to abandon ship entirely because this elephant is dead…I know, I said good stuff last week, so what’s my deal? I know you were all, “Aww, I’m biased so I’m influencing your opinion,” but nope. I have a steadfast rule that if I dislike a heroine then I’m out. If I were solo-watching this drama, I’d have dropped it. So now here’s the question, are we DEFINITELY dropping and can we watch Angry Mom? (The answer to those is yes and no respectively, but ya know..a girl’s gotta try, HAHAHA!)angry-mom

Stephanie: Laugh. True. I felt like such an enabling asshole. You did really like it last week. Now after a week of my bitching? You want to bail? I give you good friend side eyes. But also, despite being the one who is all, “Man, I just don’t think I can do this.” it’s hard. It’s mother flipping Yoon Shi Yoon. I’ve sat through a lot of bad dramas before. Why not this one? Am I just being stubborn? Did I just pick at the underage heroine thing and lifted that as my mantle as a reason to not like it? To dump it? Though I’ve been at dramas for a very long time, it’s still really hard to just give something the boot.

Jacqueline: You’re adorable, and I’m a good friend (hurhur) but no, it’s not just you. I sit and I think if you removed just the heroine, or even gender flipped her I think you and I would be able to stay true. I’m a firm believe that if you’re not enjoying something, don’t force it. I don’t think you’re being stubborn, at least not in this instance because you actually gave it four episodes. If you didn’t try it and then said no, then I’d say it was just stubbornness. I hereby decree you are not allowed to feel guilty. Yoon Shi Yoon, we love you, but we don’t love you THAT much.

Stephanie: Even now my gut says, but wait! Maybe we should just keep going. Maybe with the time jump the show will really come together. (Although if I had trouble buying her as a 17 year old, I’m certainly going to have trouble with her at 22.) Don’t quitters never prosper?

Jacqueline: Quitters don’t prosper, but neither do masochist. (No judgement to the masos.) And one day we’re gonna die and I don’t wanna have wasted time, even for Yoon Shi Yoon hahhaa. And yes, MAYBE it could get better, but I’m not a gambler and it’s crappy heroine certainly isn’t going to change one way, or the other.

Stephanie: But she’s not a crappy heroine. I think it was you who said that last week. The character itself is good. Casting? Well…been there, bitched that. So. With no one to hold me back I guess we’re bailing on the drama?

Jacqueline: I really really reaaalllly REALLY really really R! E! A! L! L! Y! don’t wanna watch it. Soooooooooooooooo……?

Stephanie: So. Bailing. Gah. I’m a terrible drama watcher. I feel like we should watch something else, rather than just stop? But then that dives into another question. What to watch next? Is there anything going on right now? Anything about to start really soon? Anything from the past we meant to watch? What say you Lady Pants?

Jacqueline: We should DEFINITELY watch something else. Always. This drama chat is for life, yo. I have a few dramas that I’d love us to watch, the obvious being Angry Mom, but I’d be really interested for us to give Reply 1988 a shot. I’ve not been a HUGE HUGE fan of that series, so having a drama watching buddy will definitely be fun. Oh My Venus and Birth of a Beauty are dramas I wanna see but I fear the cringe, and lord knows I need someone to distract me from the cringe.reply 1988

Stephanie: I know Amber has been waiting very (not so patiently) for me to get off my butt about Answer Me 1988. Honestly, I don’t know why I have such a block on that drama, as I really liked the other ones. Well, I liked 97 and loved 94 which equals a really like. Would it be weird to do an old one? I know Birth of a Beauty was on my list, but I think I remember people saying bad things about it. But I don’t know for sure. Oh My Venus I watched the first 2 episodes and always meant to go back…. I think it’s going to be a hard thing to choose with me and my drama picky-eatery and you and you’re ‘I really want to watch that one, but I don’t want to watch it with you’. We may be in for a rough time of it.

Jacqueline: I know why I’ve got a block on it; a flipping hour and a half. That’d HAVE to be an episode per week chat, no lie. See, now I’M the real asshole because Descendants of the Sun, She Was Pretty, Oh My Ghost; these are dramas that would be viable options if I weren’t “NO I NEED TO WATCH WITHOUT DISTRACTIONS AND YOU ARE A DISTRACTION.” Told you, I am the real asshole. I’m okay with there being some not perfect stuff in a drama, like Birth of a Beauty, but if you say no then no it is. Angry Mom? Pweeeease? If not, then Orange Marmalade? Oh My Venus? The Queen of Office? I’m really game for that last one, too, because it sounds like it’s got a spunky heroine and the actress is Signal Lady. What’s not to love?queen of the office

Stephanie: You know we don’t actually have to watch on the phone together… You can watch in your room in KY and I can watch in my room in the ghetto. Then? No issues! No distractions!

Jacqueline: *Cue dramatic gasp so loud the Earth explodes.* NOT WATCH TOGETHER WHAT MADNESS DO YOU—–Oh yeah, I guess that’s true. Okay, let’s make a deal. If we ABSOLUTELY can’t find something that’s not on my No Fly list, then I’ll cave. Deal? (maybe lulz)

Stephanie: I’m just teasing you. We all know I’m really the problem in this relationship. You’ll be throwing out all these good drama ideas and I’ll be all like, no, no, no, ew, no — with nary an explanation. Your few drama no’s are adorable compared to mine.

Jacqueline: You’re such a good friend because it’s like you KNOW I’m sitting there like, “But….ew? Am I ew for wanting to watch it then? OH NO WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!” My complexes are not freaking level, girl. Maybe we should each pick 3 dramas for a total of six, then put it to a vote among the Kchat Peeps? Between my Tumblr and your social media we poll it, and BAM…The most votes gets it.

Stephanie: Ew. No. Then I might be stuck watching something I don’t want to see. Let’s poll for suggestions. Then make our lists and see if, possibly, there is some cross-pollination. If so, we go with that. If there are a couple? Then we can bring it to a vote. And let’s say 5. Five dramas we want to watch, we’ll chat again on Friday, see where we’re at. If nothing matches? Dun-dun-dun! We’re out of luck and I’m making us watch season two of Love Sick 😉

Jacqueline: So I pick 5 dramas, you pick 5, and if there’s not a single crossover then it’s Lovesick S2? But…what if I don’t wanna watch season 2 of Lovesick? LMAO! Or what if there’s no crossover but I see something on your list I’d be interested in watching? What then?love sick 5

Stephanie: If you don’t want to watch season 2 of Love Sick, I’m sorry, we can’t be friends. But yes. 5 picks for you, 5 picks for me, and we can either choose a crossover or pick one from our lists. If there is nothing on either then we are just not meant to do this. So, if anyone wants to give us suggestions, have at it! It doesn’t have to be new, it doesn’t have to be a specific genre, it just has to be something good.

Jacqueline: Awww, that’s so sad. We’re not friends anymore? SAY IT ISN’T SO! Also, sounds like we got a plan! Are we going to keep our lists secret from each other and only reveal them in our next chat?

Stephanie: Friday baby, Friday.

Jacqueline: WOOT!



  • Reply Spiceangel June 1, 2016 at 10:55 pm

    Another miss OH

  • Reply saloretta24 June 2, 2016 at 2:12 pm

    Watch Dramaworld! It’s finally over and it’s only like 15 min per episode. Total fluff, but it’s worth it. Plus Siwon.

  • Reply amberkmuse June 2, 2016 at 10:06 pm

    Since you are being stubborn on Answer Me 1988 (Best show EVER)…… I say try Another Miss Oh. Even if you don’t fall in love with it there is a ton of stuff to discuss and relate to we readers. It is one that is so entertaining but makes you think as well. Good luck girls.

  • Reply chunkeemonkeeato June 2, 2016 at 10:13 pm

    I’m gonna add another vote for Another Oh Hae Young. After a dark & twisty season of K-Dramas back to back, this was a much needed ray of sunlight. But if are going to commit to AM1988 just know that unlike the previous series, they are 90 min episodes. IMO, you have to try and get through the first 2 episodes, which I found was a bit boring because they were setting up all of the characters (there are a lot), but once you get into the swing of the series, it’s a lovely retro family drama. I don’t know who is subtitling this but I also recommend Dear My Friends. And elderly set of friends but the strong female relationships make it worthwhile. I haven’t given up on Mirror yet. I agree that if you don’t like the main characters (in this case the heroine) it’s probably not gonna work out but I’m hoping that since she’s a good actress I will be able to look past the age thing. Hopefully. It hasn’t happened yet.

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