BigBang Updates Make Me Nervious

Posted by Stephanie on June 2, 2016



There were a few news articles this week in regards to one of my favorite Kpop bands out there, BigBang. (I’d give them top honors, but right now I’m so obsessed with BTS it’s hard to just willy nilly hand off that top spot. Suddenly, I’m envisioning some sort of Kpop sudden death match. Well, this is taking up more brain power than it should. Where was I…?) Let’s start off with the part of the news that doesn’t fill my fangirl heart with sadness and dread.

BigBang Made Movie! 

WOOHOOO! At first I was all, making of video? Bah! But after watching the trailer?

I MUST WATCH THIS! No, really. Like yesterday. I must watch it, I must own it. I must put it up on my projector so that I have life size T.O.P being all sexy, aloof, and adorable. (Don’t think that those qualities go together? Well, he manages to pull it off.) Not only would I love to see a behind the scenes look at the making of what was a freaking awesome album, but some great (or interesting) music videos, and a tour which made me scream my fangirl head off.

I’m just crossing my fingers that something like this would come to the USA, so I can watch it all officially subbed. The movie is just supposed to be exclusively in one Korean theater chain, but maybe someone else will be allowed out of the country rights to it?

Could you please all cross your fingers for me, too? It would really be the nice thing to do. I don’t ask much from you, but I will ask this.

So. Now that you’re all cozy and squeee’d out, are you ready for the bad news? Or the news which we all pretty much knew was going to happen, but we just now get confirmation of it?

Military Service.

Yep. Like I said, we all knew  it (as much as we’d like to pretend it didn’t exist) was coming. Now the head guy over at YG confirmed, the military service is coming for our guys, and it’s going to take them one by one in order of age. This means what you were crossing your fingers for — that they’d all just jump in together, and having it all said and done in a mere two years — yeah, those hopes are dashed. Sorry guys. Which means, in all likelihood, we’re not going to get new BigBang stuff for like 10 years.

(Five members x two years each = lots of sad fans)

Something tells me that BigBang isn’t like some of those other bands out there, who put out music even if someone is off doing their time. Would it be the same band? (Well, maybe if it were Seungri… 😉 ) Of course, it’s not like we won’t get new stuff from them while we wait. T.O.P is filming a movie right now, and I hear both GD and Taeyang are working on new albums. I wouldn’t mind another GD and T.O.P pairing, of course. It’s just sad to think of your favorite band being gone for so long.

Although, I was never one of those people who put much stock into the band going in together. Does that happen in reality? I mean, yes, like five members of Super Junior are in right now, but that’s because the band has a million members, and they are all of a certain age. BigBang, their members are all spread out, age-wise. It was a million-to-one shot that they’d go in together. So I can’t even say I’m sad about the news, as I’ve had lots of time to pout already. It’s just the idea that it’s so close for T.O.P? GAH!

Now, I feel bad. I probably should have ended with the happy news. Sorry guys. That was just bad planning on my part. Better luck next time. Or hey. Maybe this will cheer you up:


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