Choosing a New Drama: A Drama Chat Throw Down

Posted by Stephanie on June 3, 2016


chatPreviously on Mirror of the Witch Drama Chat… yeah, we decided to dump Mirror of the Witch. Sorry Yoon Shi Yoon. I officially am no longer worthy to be considered your fan. However, here we are, ready to push on, ready to choose another drama. As mentioned in our previous chat, Jacqueline and I have compiled personal list of five dramas we wouldn’t mind picking up. We have not cheated. There was no collusion. I don’t know what is on her list, she does not know what is on mine.

Let’s get to this…

Stephanie: Okay Jay, how do we want to do this? Lay out the whole list or trade off, one by one?

Jacqueline: Trade off! It’ll be more fun, methinks.

Stephanie: Okay. Let’s do this. Put in the title, synopsis and why we chose it.

Jacqueline: Coolio! My first choice? 7th Grade Civil Servant.

leven 7A romantic action comedy about two exes who breakup, then when they reconcile it turns out WHOOPS. They’re both spies working for opposite agencies. Very Mr. and Mrs. Smith-vibe, and from the premise it could be pretty fun. What say you?

Stephanie: I say we can’t be friends anymore if this is what your list looks like. 😉 Didn’t you hear how breathtakingly terrible that was?

Jacqueline: LOL I don’t let the opinions of others influence my opinion on something until I’ve tried it for myself. That said, no, I haven’t…but for your vote, I guess that’s strike one.

Stephanie: I should probably come out and tell everybody, you might not know this because I do a lot of self-censoring here, but I’m an ASSHOLE. However. For this? I’m going to let my ass-hat fly. Jay is no stranger to this part of my personality. First up for me (and I think you’re going to be pretty surprised at my list) Dear My Friends. dear my friendsCurrently airing drama featuring a group of old friends who pass their life lessons onto  a group of the younger generation. Looks like it might be one of those outside the box dramas which tickle my fancy.

Jacqueline: That’s not a drama that my brain is screaming a big giant NO, so I say it’s a possibility. Frankly, though, it sounds potentially boring if not done just right.

Stephanie: Tru dat. I do love a good boring drama, but it might be hard to discuss if that turns out to be the case.

Jacqueline: At least we’ve got a possibility. Okay, my turn (though I’m not holding my breath for any of my choices LOL)…How about Maids?

maidsA historical riches-to-rags story where the female lead lands ass-first in the servant class?

Stephanie: You want to know something funny? This was actually on my long list. The thing that held me back? The dropped into the lower class. As a big part of what I had trouble watching Mirror was the sheer hopelessness and brutality of living in the lower class, I’m afraid to put us right back into that situation.

Jacqueline: I can understand that, but if you think about every Korean drama ever, that theme runs throughout until everyone either dies or magically learns their lesson. I think the difference, though, is that in historicals the world is more terrifying because of the playing field. So I get it. I take it that’s a no on Maids?

Stephanie: Laugh. I have a confession. While I didn’t run anything by you, I did run my choices past Amber (which is how one of mine got a last minute switcheroo). It’s possible I just told her your choices and she says about Civil Servant:

Amber: Oh no……worst drama ever. Tell her I am even giving her the side eye on that one.side eyes


HAHAHAHAHA and on Maids she says: Not horrid.

Rounding recommendation that.

SO for my second choice, I’ve got  Beautiful Gong Shim. Two sisters….

Jacqueline: Nope. Saving it.

Stephanie: H’okay then… LAUGH. Next?

Jacqueline: In-Soon Is Pretty?

in soo is pretty

Heroine accidentally killed someone in her high school days, and after getting out of jail she tries rebuilding her life as an ex-con, and then shiznit happens. LOL

Stephanie: Back when I first started watching dramas, this show used to be on my TBWList. It never really made it far up the list as I hear it’s pretty depressing and has a bad ending.

Jacqueline: Bad as in sad? If so, scratch it off.

Stephanie: That’s what I believe. So my turn again?

Jacqueline: Yeppers.

Stephanie: Here is one a lot of people recommended to us after our last post (to you who suggested Dramaworld, we actually watched that together last week!) Another Oh Hae Young.

another oh hae yong

Two girls with the same name keep bumping their lives together and eventually fight over the same guy. This is supposed to be really, really good and for some reason, it’s poking at me.

Jacqueline: Annnnnnnd because it’s supposed to be really, really good, that’s why I’ve got it on my Watch When I Need A Drama Pick-Me-Up. I’m noticing a theme, here. All my dramas are big nopes, and almost all your dramas are “Buuuuuuut that’s on my For a Rainy Day” list. I have a feeling I’m going to have to be the least stubborn of the two, and end up giving up that rule.

Stephanie: I’ll have you know it’s a rainy-fucking day here.

 Plus we’re both coming off a drama we don’t like. Inserting the chats over to the ladies:

Amber: what happens if you don’t agree?

Xe: They should let us decide and they have to watch whatever we choose.


I’d agree, but I’m still pretty picky and dislike being forced to watch something. I’m mule-like stubborn and that will just make me dislike it. Let’s keep trying.

Jacqueline: I already know you’re not going to like this choice, but my next one is Alice in Wonder City.

alice in wonder city It’s a Taiwanese music themed drama about 4 people who have different aspirations and levels of talent within the world of music.

Stephanie: Hmm…going outside of Korea, I see. I don’t hate the idea. It seems a little one note (heh). More of a meh, if we have to.

Jacqueline: I figured as much, but at least there’s one title on each side that we’ve given a, “Why not?” for, so that’s a good sign.

Stephanie: Also, kudos for finding the one drama Amber hasn’t seen! Okay. So, I originally had that chinese version of My Love From Another Star. I didn’t think I wanted to watch, but some gifs made me think it looked cute, but running it past Amber she said I’d hate the ending (they are planning a season 2) so out that went. Now I’m going to put in a drama because I feel like, if I don’t show I’m open to watching this drama, Amber will no longer be my friend. So Answer Me 1988.

answer meWe all know what it’s about. And why I chose it? Yeah. Peer pressure. It is still ass-butt long but I did like the other ones in the series and it’s only a matter of time before I watch it.

Jacqueline: I’m not exactly excited to watch it, because I never finished Reply 1994, and while I liked Reply 1997 the length paired with the meandering non-plot kind of gets tiring. But, I won’t say no to it because I know the only way I’ll finally watch it is with a watching partner.

Stephanie: I hear it’s lovely and all about community and I do love a drama which is lovely and all about community. What have you got for me next?

Jacqueline: If my math is right, then this is my last one. The Queen of the Office.

queen of the officeSmart, sassy heroine is the boss lady and it’s the actress from Signal. Those two reasons right there make me wanna give it a look-see.

Stephanie: Yep, this is on my TBWlist for those reasons. Not super excited about watching it, but I wouldn’t hate it.

Jacqueline: You’re turn.

Stephanie: Okay, for my last one I was going to put D-Day, because I loved what I first watched and I really, really meant to go back to it, and I figured I could sneak it in if you put in Angry Mom since you’re half-way through it. But, since you didn’t, I’ll move on. This one was a suggestion from Amber and Xe: Go Princess Go.go princess go

Chinese drama, guy in present day conchs his head and is transported into the past — more importantly — into the body of the crown princess. Oh wait! Why? I like LGBT dramas and this is an interesting twist.

Jacqueline: I’d definitely be open to watching that, but I fear the cringe. I have a good sense for potential cringe (remember my fears over Dramaworld and how spot on I was?) But if I’m watching it with you, I can endure. I don’t think this will have a romance, though it might and MDL could have just neglected to genre tag it as such. I have heard Tumblr say some decent enough stuff about Go Princess Go, so I’m willing. For your count, that’s Dear My Friends, Reply 1988, and Go Go Princess. For mine, it’s Alice in Wonder City and Queen of the Office, right?

Stephanie: Love how you just squeeked around the ones you’re saving 😉 Yes. That seems to be the choices. Where do we go from here?

Jacqueline: That’s because the ones I was saving are ones I wanna maraton, which are nos in my book :). Well, these are dramas we’re both willing to watch, so why not put it to a community vote?

Stephanie: GAH! Taking the decision out of our hands? I don’t know if I like relinquishing that control. If that’s the case, will you mind if we remove Alice in Wonder City? I don’t hate the idea of ot, but I like the others better.

Jacqueline: I don’t mind, but at that point I wonder if it’d be worth it to put it to a vote? Two of the three are less popular or older dramas, with the one being in the forefront of everyone’s mind likely going to be Reply 1988.

Stephanie: Go Princess Go seems to have a following.

Jacqueline: That makes sense.

Stephanie: Do you hate the idea of 1988? If you do, we can pull it. I don’t have to be the only asshole here. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Jacqueline: I think I’d be more excited for Reply 1988 than Go Princess Go. The one I’m most excited to see is The Queen of the Office, but that’s obvious since it’s my only choice that made it to the last round. I’m okay with not nixing any drama, but I just request that if it gets picked, are we still going with two episodes a week? Because that’s 3 hours, man.

Stephanie: Part of me feels bad that you only got one on the list — but the other part of me is like YAY! One of yours made the list! (Heh. I’m such a jerk!)

Jacqueline: If you feel that bad AND that good…wanna make that one the one we watch? Hehehe. But no matter what drama gets picked, I think we should use this list of finals as potentials for other drama chats in the future, don’t you?

Stephanie: Now I’m feeling the guilt. Hmmm… I could be a good friend and let your stand. But am I that good of a friend? let’s  check with Amber, see what she has to say about it. She’s heard good buzz. I like the idea of putting it to a vote. What say you?

Jacqueline: I’m fine with a vote! Can we watch The Queen of The Office next time? Pwetty pwetty pweeeeaaase? 🙂

Stephanie: We’ll see how well you behave… 🙂 SO, we’ll put it up for a vote, let us know which drama you choose by, Sunday and that will be our next drama chat!

So what say you? What drama should we watch and chat about next? 



  • Reply Tekzey June 3, 2016 at 8:01 pm

    You either need something funny and lively or something with big plot holes you can snark at. Or something with big plot twists so you can guess on what comes next. No sad stuff.

  • Reply Tekzey June 3, 2016 at 8:13 pm

    Can you watch queen of office?

  • Reply fournier48 June 3, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    1988 is sooooo good– lots of laughs and lots of feels. My k-drama girlfriends and I are all rewatching it with our hubbies.

  • Reply kfangurl June 3, 2016 at 9:45 pm

    I personally love 1988, but I’m thinking for your drama chat Go Princess Go might work better.. Lots of nonsensical fluff in the beginning to laugh about together. I hear the second half turns heavy tho. But maybe then you get lots of stuff to snark about together? 😛

  • Reply Amber Kmuse June 3, 2016 at 11:08 pm

    Reply 1988 gets my vote of course

  • Reply Xe June 3, 2016 at 11:35 pm

    I vote Reply 1988 with it’s favorites/bias list busting cast.

  • Reply humbledaisy1 June 4, 2016 at 12:13 am

    Well, I’m a fan of the Reply Series but Go, Princess, Go seems like it is perfect for your brand of snark. You could always compromise and watch a movie!. How about the short and sweet Memoirs of a Teenaged Amnesiac (Japan), You are the apple of my eye (Taiwan) or The Recipe (Korea) for a practically no-committment date.

    • Reply Kate June 5, 2016 at 10:09 pm

      I vote Go Princess Go too!

  • Reply mi June 4, 2016 at 2:17 am

    I vote for the Thai BL drama “Make It Right” 😀 You’ll probably cringe at the toilet humor (a lot)! But give it a try anyway 😛 It’s really really cute, if you liked Lovesick then you’ll love MIR

  • Reply chunkeemonkeeato June 4, 2016 at 2:06 pm

    Again, I’m gonna put in a vote for Dear My Friends bc I think a lot of people are overlooking this one right now. I think what’s most interesting about it is the generational divide in mentality. The role that females were expected to play as wives and mothers back in the day vs. finding their own strength in today’s modern world in the twilight of their lives. Ok, now I’m getting a bit esoteric but so far the drama is pretty great and Jo In Sung, Lee Kwang Soo and Daniel Henney play small supporting roles in it. Does that help in any way? Haha, good luck in your search.

  • Reply Ginger June 5, 2016 at 4:20 pm

    Am I too late to vote?? GO PRINCESS GO!

  • Reply DramaLover June 5, 2016 at 4:26 pm

    I’m watching Go Princess Go, it’s crazy. You may have fun with it.

  • Reply Erica June 6, 2016 at 11:08 pm

    Alice in Wonder City

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