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Poor, poor Kookie. Let’s just say that the army fandom was all riled up this week over our BTS maknae. And, as I personally am a card carrying holder to the BTS Army, a hater of things of things unjust, a feeler of second hand embarrassment, and a newly crowned uber fan of Kookie, I was one of the din.

Don’t know what happened? Missed the hubub? Well, let’s fill in, but be prepared to have your heart, if not broken, at least seriously dinged.

So, now that BTS is established and the band is doing well as a group, it’s time to go the way of all kpop bands — individual schedules. V (Tae Hyung, look at me go.with the names and faces!) is off filming the pretty boy saeguk, Suga is busily working on his mixed tape, and Rap Mon, well, I actually think he’s been doing individual projects like show hosting for a while now. So, it was the youngest, Jungkook’s turn to go solo. (Important side note? He’s legit still a teenager.) was signed up for a new variety show called Flower Crew.

Flower Crew a variety show hosted by Seho (although there is some question as to whether he is the actual MC or not), who previously I came to like during his seasons of Roommate. (Important side note? I really did like him, he seemed like a nice, sweet guy.)  From what I understand, the program is a travel variety show done in conjunction with the V app. The men get together, travel, and by using a voting system on the V app, get split up into 2 groups — one who gets all the luxuries a variety show budget will allow — and the others get the hard road. (Think sleep in tents.) I’m sure the production hopes hijinks will ensue.

Got that down? Seems pretty straightforward, right? (Well, as straightforward as such an ill-conceived show can be.) Let’s get to where the trouble started which handily was the first few moments of the first episode.

As they all gathered, Kookie was a little late. Why? He was out buying burgers for the cast! Shall we get the inevitable out of the way: awwwwwww… can you just picture cute little Kookie, used to being the youngest in a group which is so close the are like family, one who dote on him as the youngest, eagerly heading to his first shoot, stopping to pick up food for everyone, excited for the exciting opportunity? Hold that picture in your mind. This will be your happy place.

They wouldn’t eat the burgers.

Not only would they not eat the burgers but Seho heckled him. “Those look like leftovers.” Guys. Guys. Seriously. This just hurt my heart. Can you picture the look on his face? Well, you don’t have to. Because this was a show and there is video evidence which will just stay with you.


Can you imagine what Kookie was feeling? Poor guy. Then when someone decided to eat one of the burgers, Seho heckled that guy. What has gotten into him? Did he not see how his comments were effecting the other cast? Should I remind you?

It, unfortunately, didn’t stop there. Getting back to the original concept of the show, since the thing is shown live on the V-app, they allow watchers to vote for who gets what, who is in charge of what. Who are they going to choose? Well, the very popular idol, of course! Which again pits our Kookie against Seho, Kookie who, despite being competitive, actively asked his fans NOT to vote for him. Seho comments on how he knows Kookie going to win. Of course he is! This is how the show, the show you signed up for, is set up. It’s a nice little petrie dish of bad feelings.

Seho has since apologized, saying he didn’t mean it as it sounded, but I think at this point the damage is done. I know I won’t be looking at him the same way again. And this isn’t just because some kid from a band I like was on the receiving end of a bad situation. No, this is the fact that Seho, created the situation at all, pointed at anyone, it was a mean thing to do and I don’t think you can come back from that. What’s that Jane Austin quote? Something about once a good favor is lost — it is lost forever.

This of course, put the fangirls in motion. Fangirls can be a big and scary thing. Pack mentality is real and once it’s sent out in a particular direction, is hard to stop. The bad thing is, over reaction doesn’t accomplish anything, by threatening or screaming at Seho, is that going to make Kookie feel better? No. It’s going to make him feel worse. Put him in an even more awkward situation, a position where, I’m sure he’ll feel the need to apologize to Seho. Do you really want to be responsible for that? I sure don’t.

What one needs to do in times like this is turn from Seho (and yes, I unfollowed his Instagram) is to turn support Jungkook and I’ll say people are doing it in the MOST adorable way ever. I have no idea who created the #BurgerPartyForJungKook but I just want to give them the biggest hug ever. Showing support for Kookie while eating complex carbohydrates and saturated fats? I’m was in. (Actually, I haven’t eaten a burger since December, so it was quite the heady notion.) People from all over the world took to social media with pictures of burgers, pictures of them eating burgers, pictures of Jungkook with burgers with the hashtag. It was a thing of adorable beauty.

Here are some of my favorites:

From me and my crew

We <3 you, Kookie! #burgerpartyforjungkook #bts #army #poorbunny

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Following the Instagram tag rabbit hole found these gems:



HAHAHAHHAHAA This is how I imagine all of BTS were reacting.


This sums it up nicely



Stay Strong Kookie!


  • Reply Spiceangel June 12, 2016 at 8:41 pm

    I am so proud of you, naming names. Welcome to the rabbit hole!!

    BTW… I am loving your FF

    • Reply Stephanie June 12, 2016 at 9:23 pm

      SQUEEEE!!!! You’re reading it?? No way! Remind me not to look you in the eye if we meet. 🙂 THANKS!!!

      • Reply Stephanie June 12, 2016 at 9:24 pm

        Also, now whenever I watch videos with Cherry I keep calling out names. She’s going to regret teaching me! I heart all of them!

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