Musical Monday: I Love Dance Showcase

Posted by Stephanie on June 13, 2016

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This weekend I was invited to I Love Dance’s annual showcase by my friend Alexis. What is this and why should you care, you ask? I Love Dance is a Kpop dance class! Yep, it was an afternoon of excited dancers showing off their sweet-ass dance moves to the likes of BTS, CL, iKON, and 4Minute. Now this is my sort of recital.

Downside, I wasn’t able to take video during the performances, so I can’t show you a lot, but I can say that it was a lot of fun. Here is a little snippet of BTS’s Fire that I may have, kind of, accidentally taken.

And then uploaded to Instagram.

By accident…

Ooohh… accidental video. @adehappy whoops!

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You know what the nice thing was about this? There are so many times where I’m really picky about the music that I listen to. Or I won’t like a video, and that will turn me against the song. I know. I’m unreasonable. BUT I CAN’T HELP IT. However, since I had to sit there and just watch the people dance, it actually forced me to listen to music I normally wouldn’t try. Turns out? I love 4Minute. There are songs of iKon’s I don’t dislike. Twice’s Ooh Ahh is adorable. There is an artist named Jessi and she is awesome. Also? I was right, I really don’t like GFriend. At least I have solid facts to back up my hunch now, right?

I have included the playist for all the music danced to. Give it a listen, look at the pictures and let it sink in.

First off, the to the guy who danced in the Twice video? You sir, are adorable. It’s entirely possible that I now like this song simply by your charm. (Also, thanks be to Autoawesome for this.)


Alexis, pre-performance giving me my ticket as I had no idea it would take an hour to get there!


Sorry girls, you are very cute, but you can not make me like GFriend. I won’t do it. You can’t make me.




Alexis! Can you spot her?


BTS! Two songs. The ripped jeans made me giggle. Did you steal those from Jimin?


Stop it! Stop being so adorable!


When these ladies hit the stage, we knew it was going to be fun.


Their performance of CL’s Hello Bitches was awesome.


Doesn’t it make you wish you could be in a Kpop dance class?


Or had a camera which took better pictures in the dark?


Great job, guys!



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