Goblin: A Wacky Buddy Comedy?

Posted by Stephanie on June 14, 2016

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At first I thought the point of this article was going to be the fact that Lee Dong Wook has signed onto Kim Eun Suk’s upcoming drama, Goblin with Gong Yoo. Lee Dong Wook? A second lead? Huh. Yeah, I get that, of the two, Gong Yoo would be the lead as he is mother flippin’ Gong Yoo. However, why would Lee Dong Wook, a leading man in his own right, choose to be b-lead? Then I read the synopsis.

And realized we are headed into absurd drama gold. GOLD I TELL YOU. 

I’m not one of those ones who drank the Kim Eun Suk Koolaid. I really liked A Gentleman’s Dignity, and while there were compelling parts of many of her other dramas, I usually come back from it thinking “Well that was good, but…” (Gah, no spoilers on Descendants of the Sun please, someone hasn’t sat down to watch that one yet.) She’s great in characters however falters a bit on plot. But for those awesome characters? Maybe she should be awarded a few extra points.

It looks like Goblins is going to be a wacky bit of the same. Get this: Gong Yoo plays a servant stabbed by his masters sword (servants never get it easy, do they?) who doesn’t die, but instead becomes a goblin. Enter Lee Dong Wook’s murdered king who is transformed into an angel of death. Hmm… is Gong Yoo’s character going to complain about getting the short end of the assigned task stick? Goblin or Angel of Death, which would you choose? I’m guessing the Angel of Death — it just sounds classier. I can see that on a Vista Print business card. Lee Dong Wook — Angel of Death. Available for private bookings.

The two end up rooming together and being friends. Yep. Yep, this is where I start to get excited. Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook in a buddy drama? Where the Goblin and the Angel of Death are like odd couple roommates who go out and drink and try to pick up chicks? Betting between themselves and teasing each other over whoever it is who won’t wash out their cereal bowl?

Something tells me there will be a bit more plot to the show than that, but come on. How awesome does that sound??? The only thing better would be if they also solved crime.

With a plot like this, I can see why Lee Dong Wook would have felt better about signing on under such a big name. This isn’t a step down for him, this is almost (almost) equal footing, not to mention, I’m guessing that pretty much everyone in Kdramaland is trying to hitch their wagon to Kim Eun Suk — at this point it’s pretty much a sure bet.

Unfortunately for us, since this is going to be another preproduced drama, we still have to wait until November to see it. (A little Gong Yoo birthday present for me? Why, thank you!) However, as this is Kdrama and, more importantly this is Gong Yoo and Kim Eun Suk, I’m sure we’re going to start getting lots more pictures, stills and trailers before then.

So what say you? Looking forward to this?

(Always looking for an opportunity to unleash my terrible Photoshops down upon you.)

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