New T.O.P Movie Or Epic Top Gear Episode?

Posted by Stephanie on June 16, 2016


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I don’t know much about T.O.P’s new movie. All I know is what I get from his Instagram which I may or may not obsessively follow. What I know: He filmed in Germany. He plays an agent named Tom… something. While he was there he photographed himself without his top button buttoned allowing a rare glimpse of T.O.P skin. (He is the only Star who can throw fangirls into a tizzy with a bare neck.)

Thats it. All I know. 

When I came across this trailer and making of I was excited as I thought 1) I’d see T.O.P and 2) I’d finally find out about this movie he’s spent a lot of time filming. What I came away from the trailer with?

Dude. It’s a big car chase. Car chases, helicopters, car crashes, truck crashes, car explosions, did I miss anything? Guns. Yep. Lots of guns. That’s it. That is all we got. Check it out:

Part way through the 2 minute experience I had the thought, take away the guns and what you’ve got left is a really, really well funded episode of the British show Top Gear. (The old Top Gear with the other three guys, not the new one with the Friends guy. Bah!) If from Instagram I didn’t already know he was playing some sort of agent, I certainly wouldn’t have been able to judge it from this jumble of rumbles.

Okay, this makes it all makes a bit more sense. Here is the trailer itself:

So he’s a cop, she’s a star, they have a relationship? Something tells me that they had a relationship in the past and it ended badly, with this being the first time they see each other since she walked out on their wedding, leaving him heart broken, half a man, taking all sorts of chances because he doesn’t care about life anymore?

Alright, I may have gotten a bit out of control there. (Heh. See What I did?) So, is this a Chinese movie? Is T.O.P going to be speaking in Chinese? Or are they going to *gasp* dub him? I say if they dub him it’s time to rally the fangirl troops — what is T.O.P without his voice??out of control 4

Well. He’s still T.O.P. He’s still dead sexy. But I would still protest.

Since the movie is called Out of Control: The Phantom Drive, all of the cars and their chases, and all of their crashes, it all begins to make sense. It makes me wonder though, is this where T.O.P really wants to take his acting career?

Don’t get me wrong. I’ll still go see it. It’s mother flippin’ T.O.P. No matter how much those car chases makes me roll my eyes. No matter how these movies make me anxious because I’m worried about whether or not all the random innocent cars being smashed had car insurance or not. (Yes. I realize I am a weirdo. Even if those people are fictional, think about them parking on the street to duck into the local Starbucks, jonesing for a nonfat mocha latte, only to come out to find their car destroyed. You never see the lead characters going back there to exchange insurances…)out of control 5

Yes, though. It’s T.O.P. I’ll see it. Heck if the movie comes here, I’ll shell out the money-money-money it takes to see it in the theaters. Sigh. He’d better be worth it.

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