D.O. Brings On The Feels in “Pure Love”

Posted by JMertz on June 17, 2016



This past weekend, I watched Pure Love starring D.O. and Kim So Hyun.  Now, a few days later, I think that my eyes have dried enough to discuss what I thought about the movie.

Ever since D.O. made me ugly cry in It’s Okay, That’s Love and then gave me chills in I Remember You, I wanted to see him in a leading role.  Maybe even get the girl.  He’s a great actor and I really enjoy is willing to play different characters, so I was pumped when I heard that this movie was being made.

Pure Love is centered around a group of friends and the summer break that they spent in a small fishing village in 1991.  The movie opens in present day where Beom Shil is a radio DJ who receives a package containing notes from a childhood friend and his thoughts are taken back to that summer.  D.O. plays young Beom Shil.  He and his friends return to the small village on break from school and meet up with Soo Ok (Kim So Hyun), who is unable to join them at school due to an illness that makes it difficult for her to walk.  She is sweet, loves music and one day hopes to be a radio DJ.  She also becomes Beom Shil’s first love.


The movie hits all the nostalgic notes for anyone who had a group of childhood friends who would spend the entire summer together.  The cast spends their days at the beach, teasing each other, figuring out their crushes and going on their own little adventures.  They even “borrow” a boat that belongs to one of the parents n the middle of the night in order to visit a nearby island.


I thought that the movie did a great job of reminding the audience of times when you just spent time with friends.  It had sweet moments and it made me laugh at times.  However, I’ll just warn you now: bring tissues.  I know that some of you out there are the type who read the last chapter of a book just to see what you are in for ahead of time.  I’m not judging, but I am giving you a heads up with this movie.

Even thought it made me cry, I really enjoyed this movie.  I love seeing D.O. in a lead role and I can’t wait to see what he will decide to do next.  May I suggest a romantic comedy to heal our hearts a bit?



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