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Posted by Stephanie on June 23, 2016


BTS KCON 2014 IMG_0515

As KCON is now a mere day away, BTS is two days away, my terrible, terrible seats loom out in front of me, and my BTS obsession is at an all-time high (we’re at Threat Level FIRE, I’m going to need someone to Save Me soon) I took to looking at my first BTS experience back at my very first KCON in 2014. Oh how young they were! Oh, how lucky I was with my seats.

These pictures are even more special because I haven’t actually looked at them since probably about the time I took them — back when I was a big fan of BTS the group, I knew who Rap Monster was, but I had no idea who the rest of the members were — there was no (some might say sickening levels of) huge fandom. Now that I know all the members? And love every single one of them? The pictures are even more special and exciting. So, I thought I’d share.

Warning: Copious amounts of photos, copious amounts of fangirling dead ahead. I’m sorry. It’s now what I do. 

Let’s start out with the red carpet. Yep. Turns out I saw them at the red carpet. I had a good spot. I literally completely forgot about this.

BTS KCON 2014 Red Carpet All

Look at how adorable they were, LOOK AT IT.

BTS KCON 2014 Red carpet 2

Not sure what Suga is doing here, but I have a feeling he’s trying very hard not repress his cranky-grandpa side.

BTS KCON 2014 Red carpet 3

Poor Jimin, apparently I had no idea how much I was going to like you in later years, as I seem to have cut you off on most pictures.

BTS KCON 2014 Red Carpet 4

One of these days I will be one of those people with a press pass so I can randomly block others shots.

BTS KCON 2014 Red carpet

Moving onto the concert itself!

BTS KCON 2014 All 4

This is where my previous Rap Monster obsession starts to rear it’s ugly head.

BTS KCON 2014 All 2

Although, to be honest, it wasn’t so much a he was my bias situation, it was more a he was the only member I knew situation.


Plus, the hair made it easier to pick him out. (It’s still my favorite look of his.)


This one is hands down my favorite as it shows he is a sweaty, sweaty monster.

BTS KCON 2014 Rap Monster

But hey, did you know there were *always* other members of the band?

BTS KCON 2014 IMG_0520

I know! I was surprised too.  (Please take note of Suga’s adorable facial expression. Yes. I said it. Suga is adorable.)

BTS KCON 2014 All

Look at Suga’s round little face. Don’t you just want to pinch those cheeks? (And then step back really fast before he bites you?)

KCON BTS Suga 2014

Don’t tell Cherry, but I have a super soft spot for Suga. BTS KCON 2014 Suga V Taehyung 2

He may try to seem all cranky and ‘I’m a cool rapper’, but we know better.


The last person I memorized from BTS was V. Taehyung.BTS KCON 2014 SUGA V Taehyung

The adorable little 4D bit of whatnot.

BTS KCON 2014 Taehyung

Not sure why I had such a block on him, but I’m just happy, whatever the cause, it’s gone now. BTS KCON 2014 Taehyung 2

Just, if you see him, please don’t tell him, I feel for certain it would hurt his feelings…


And you know, you hurt one, you hurt them all. It’s just how it is.

BTS KCON 2014 Suga Jin Taehyung 2

And they could probably kick your butt.

BTS KCON 2014 Rap mon Jin V

As a well coordinated team. KCON BTS 2014 all

Lately, I’ve been a big Hoseok fan. And taking a look, SURPRISE! I got some good shots of him.

BTS KCON 2014 Hoseok V Suga

Is it me or did he get the short end of the hair stick with the latest album look? His hair is much cooler here.

BTS KCON 2014 J-Hope Taehyung

I’m also a huge Jimin fan — to which I apologize to past Jimin for — because I didn’t know. I didn’t pay enough attention to you. For that I’m very sorry.

BTS KCON 2014 All 3

Now, whenever I see him I shout out JIMIN! It’s an automatic response.

BTS KCON 2014 Jimin Hoseok V Jungkook


BTS KCON 2014 Rapmon Jimin Suga Jungkook

This was one of my more favorite finds: JIMIN abs! Look how hard he was trying to get my attention and I ignored him! Again, sorry Jimin.


What up, Jin?

BTS KCON 2014 Jin

Yep. I totes know who you are now. You and your buddy, JungKook.

BTS KCON 2014 Taehyung Jin

I’ll see you on Saturday boys. Now, you won’t see me because I’ll be so far away. But I’ll be there. Lurking. Fangirling. Enjoying like a mature adult.

BTS KCON 2014 All 5

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