Musical Monday: Lori’s KCon Band-stand

Posted by Stephanie on June 27, 2016


Take 6 kconny16

Well, KCON was this weekend which, of course means lots and lots of long tales and cool pics (which I’m still in the process of editing so be on the look out for incoming fun times) and the first one I thought I’d start off with, since it is Musical Monday, is Lori and Day 6.

Lori, a reader, listener of the podcast and general awesome person came to both of may panels rocking Kchat Jjigae t-shirts — first day the Running Man and second the Noona’s Unite — it was so freaking cute and totally made my day.

After the panel she asked me if I had heard of Take 6 before. When I said no, she told me I needed to check them out because she really thought I would like them as they had a bit of the indie vibe that she knew I liked.

As my schedule was jam packed, I hadn’t had a chance to give them a listen, but I did tell my friend and concert seat mate Regina what she said, as it seemed like an extra selling point to the night. Surprisingly, just as we were headed towards our seat, there was Lori again! When she asked if I had a chance to check them out, I admitted no, but that I was looking forward to them. (Sorry Lori, it really was on my to-do list!)

There Regina and I were, sitting in our (very very high) seats, enjoying the concert, and then it happened. A band I hadn’t heard of before. This band wasn’t just a regular idol group, this was a full-on, instrument rocking band. From almost the first song, I was hooked!

They did a few songs and both Regina and I exclaimed over our enjoyment of them (and possibly over how hot one of the members was…) and I made a point to try and find Lori at the end so I could tell her just how much I liked them. Unfortunately, in the madness, I was unable to locate Lori, so I’ll just do it here!

Thanks Lori, just as I said in my Facebook post, I thank you not just for recommending them to me, not just for buying TWO of our t-shirts, but for knowing me well enough to think of a band I’d like. You rock just as much as Day 6!

Day 6, Letting Go

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