Cinderella and Her 4 Knights Coming To a Computer Monitor Near You

Posted by Stephanie on June 30, 2016


knight tvnFinally.

After much hemming and hawwing, much stress (on behalf of what I’m sure were some pretty freaked out producers and actors) Cinderella and Her 4 Knights were not only swooped up and saved by tvN, not only were they given a time slot, but they had a time slot created just for them.

Does this make tvN the real white Knight of the situation?

Since oddly, not only does this look like it might be a fun drama to watch, the whole situation has been a fascinating mess, so I’ve kept my ears out for any information on the matter. This newest development has probably been the oddest edition to the story. A whole new time slot? This could possible mean a few things, some good and some very sad for the show. Let’s take a look.

Door #1) tvN has been kicking such ass lately, raking in lots of ratings and lots of accolades that they have decided to expand their output. As I’m a huge fan of tvN and it’s programs this is the option I’m rooting for.

Door #2) Cinderella is so unique, such a high probability of being such a hit that they decided to get it out to the masses as fast as possible, even if it meant mushing it into a nonexistent time slot. Of course, 1&2 could be used in conjunction with each other, they wanted to create another night because they were doing so well, and decided to kick it off with a show they feel to their bones is a winner — seeing past what made other networks run away. It sounds like a long shot, but it’s happened before, take a look at Signal and how well it did for them. More than one of the big three took a big pass on that one.

Door #3) (and this is where we get to the bad) What if Cinderella and her crew are so bad that this is tvN’s version of sweeping it under the rug? You know, like movie companies dumping duds in the winter? When no one is watching? They’ve spent the money to make something so they can’t just not release it but they want to put it out there with as little fanfare as possible? With all the production problems, with all of the people behind the scenes who gave it a no, this possibility isn’t completely out of the question.

For me though, the premise has me intrigued. I like the cast, I like the network. For these reasons, I can not wait for the show to start — and because of tvN’s magical scheduling wand, am only going to have to wait another month to see it.

Not a bad day for a kdrama fan.

Now start releasing some teasers or posters already!

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