Fun Friday: KCrafting, Stephanie Makes A Fansign!

Posted by Stephanie on July 1, 2016

Fun Friday

jungkook fansign

Because why not make life harder and more ridiculous for yourself?

If you don’t know the story, a while back during the whole #burgerpartyforjungkook, Cherry and I were talking on the podcast about how much we love Jungkook, how much we want to show our support, and our love. (In a purely pure and platonic way of course…) I announced that I was going to make a fansign to bring with me to KCON. As I’ve made it clear in the past how much I loath and despise fan signs, this was quite a surprise to Cherry Cordial. She didn’t really believe me when I said not only was I going to make a fansign, I was going to pull out the Martha Stewart glitter and bedazzle the shit out if it — as only someone as maniacally crafty as I can do.

Then it’s possible I forgot about the whole matter. 

That is until 7am the day of their concert. I was running on empty — if there is a less than empty one can run on then that’s what I was running on. I had a whole hour before I actually needed to be up. A normal person would have laid back down to sleep. A normal person would have closed her eyes and forgot the whole thing.

But I’ve never been one to claim normality as a driving force in her life.

So, as quiet as I could, I gathered my meager craft supplies, a piece of thin cardboard, some crayons, and my trusty hot glue gun and got to work.

First it was just going to be a simple sign with words and possibly some glitter. Basic. Simple. Not too embarrassing. Then the obsessive craft person took over. Applique foam flowers? Sure why not? Jungkook is a flower boy, it seemed fitting.


Bejewed butterflies? If it was lose in the craft box, it went on the sign, so fudge yeah, bejeweled butterflies.


By this time my friend Kate was awake and wondering what had happened to me, luckily for her though, as we were roommates for 10 years, she knows that crazed crafty look in my eye. Or I should say, she knows enough to laugh, take photographic evidence, and then back away slowly.

I couldn’t stop! We video chatted Jacqueline because by now I realized what I was creating was so epic it needed to be shared with the masses. The masses being people who were awake at that time in the morning. If Kate thought Jacqueline would be able to talk me down from my crafting frenzy, she was sadly mistaken. Half hour, hour, hour and a half, the time kept ticking. Kate tried to put a limit on me, tried to restore sanity to my morning. BUT THE FANSIGN WOULD NOT BE DENIED. She tried to physically take away my craft supplies and nearly lost an arm.


Then though, I came to an end. There was nothing more I could do. I exited my craft trance, put the hot glue gun down, and realized just what I had done. I was covered in glitter and embarrassment. Did I care? NO. Because this was a thing of beauty. So much so that I decided I was going to cart this thing around with me all day show it to anyone who would stop long enough and take a picture — as apparently I have very little shame. And Cherry Cordial needed to know that when I play, I play to mother flippin’ win.

16-06-30-18-50-15-328_deco (1)

16-06-30-18-43-35-901_deco (1)

SO, did I bring it to the concert with me? Though by the end of the day my sign was a little worse for wear, you better believe I brought it to the concert. I even waved it when BTS played.


How can I do this when I’m so anti-fansign? Am I now a giant hypocrite? Nope. Before waving my sign around I carefully checked around me to make sure I wasn’t blocking anyone else’s view. Do I think Jungkook saw it? NO. Definitely not. I was waaaaay up in the nosebleeds. (Although I’m sure if I were actually closer to the stage he still probably wouldn’t have seen it as, though it was quite large and magnificent and smeared with glitter, I’m sure with those bright lights they probably don’t see anything beyond the edge of the stage.) I’m okay with that as, while I know he didn’t see it, I’m sure he felt it — right in his heart-heart.

As it was meant to be.


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