KCON NY Night Two: A Squeecap

Posted by Stephanie on July 4, 2016


BTS KCON16NY 12Kcon NY Night 2, a little bit louder and a little bit worse. And by worse I mean blow-my-mind-tastic. In the last episode, I thought that the two nights of concerts may have been just a big lead up to the final hurrah, BTS. To this I have no issue at all as, if you’re going to have to end a two day festival, you need to do it with someone who is going to blow the mother fudging doors off the mother fudging walls. Which is exactly what BTS seems to be made to do.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. There were lots more awesome moments lots more great surprises in store for us this night even before BTS showed up on stage.

I want to start it off by saying, these pictures were taking in their entirety by my friend and future contributor Alexis. She’s graced the pages of this site before, the last time being at her I Love Dance KPOP showcase. Why was she taking pictures? Well, one, turns out she takes some amazing shots. Check out this one of Eric Nam.

Eric Nam KCONNY16 8

On top of that? She landed a plum P2 seat, right by the stage and where I was P5 nosebleeds, she graciously said she’d take control of my baby (the camera) for the night. (And you’d better believe that this night I was clever enough not to leave the good SD card at home.)

This night we weren’t as concerned about making sure we got right in line early. We have scheduled seats, we knew they weren’t going to start the concert while there still masses of people waiting their turns to get in. (Not unless they wanted a riot of epic high fangirl proportions.) So, we waited until they opened up the P1 entrance for the rest of us plebeians, and made our way in. Unlike night one though, security was FIERCE. The girl working our line went through every nook and cranny of our bags, marking them in stickers when they were cleared, made Kate take off her belt and essentially frisked Regina. They actually didn’t want me to come in because I was still wearing my KCON badge, telling me as staff I had to go through a different entrance. Ummm…no. I had my physical tickets. I came through the same exact door the night before. My knee is infinitely better, but I’d already pushed it pretty far that weekend. I wasn’t going to traipse from door to door.

Luckily, they must have seen the fangirl-fire in my eyes and let me through. Not without some jokes at my expense though. It was a pretty crappy start to a pretty cool night.

But then off we went! We dropped Kate and Alexis (and my baby) off at P2 and treked up and up and up to P5. Cool thing about our section of P5? It was filled with other panelists. In front of us were two girls who felt the need to apologize in advance for their really loud screaming. Like loud, they told us. Really, really loud. What I liked about these seats was that we could actually see the whole stage, a birds eye view. (A bird who had the ability to fly really really high.)

The concert started out with a performance from Jun Curry Ahn who has performed at every KCON I’ve been to.


I’m going to go out on a limb and say it wouldn’t really feel like Kcon without him. I’m a sucker for tradition. He usually chooses to play the hot song from one of the evening performers and tonight it was BTS. He and his violin are so good! And this time? He played his violin while dancing. Go Jun, go! I wondered to Regina if he ever bumped into the performers out back, like back stage. Did they ever hear him play their songs? Did he fanboy over them? Later that night Cherry provided the answer with a shot of a tweet of his which said that not only did he meet Rap Mon, but that Rap Mon said BTS has watched some of this videos before. So adorable.

Rap Monster Ailee KconNY16 3

With the appearance of Ailee and Rap Mon (to lots of cheers) the night officially began. It was a little surprising to see them in the same outfits as they wore the day before. Come on guys, you can’t spring for another costume? But then we realized it was probably because MNET was going to combine the two nights of songs into one program in which it would make more sense for them to be wearing the same outfits.

Rap Monster Ailee KconNY16 2

(You know, like on Shark Tank when all the sharks wear same things for the entire season? It’s not because they don’t have more clothes it so that the production can mix and match the pitches seamlessly into different nights. And yes, I watch Shark Tank, shut up Shark Tank is awesome.)

The performances officially started with a group who is really big in my circles (Cherry and Xe keep trying to turn me into a fan), Mamamoo.

mamamoo kconny16 6

From the sounds of the crowd, turns out Cherry and Xe are not alone in their fandom of them. I’d actually seen them the previous day when they’d popped out to the performance stage for a little interview while I was checking out Dan AKA Dan and Jun Curry Ahn. Alexis had wanted to know if the girl in the glasses was the interpreter. Nope. Apparently she’s a member of the band.

mamamoo kconny16 4

It actually made me wonder how old these girls are as they seem to have a presence, a maturity that a lot of the other girl bands don’t have. Their music had a little bit of an edge to it, and I was actually surprised I’d heard a few of the songs before. One thing I did like about them was the fact that their dances weren’t overtly sexy, like again, a lot of other girl groups, but it was just more of an accent to their singing.mamamoo kconny16 9

Side note: I say that there was no sexy dancing, but they did have this weird stroking thing going on. Periodically, out of nowhere one of the band members would lean over and run their hand down one of the other members.

mamamoo kconny16 3

It was weird. When I met up with podcast listeners Sara and Alix the next day, they said it was like a USO show, cuteness with a little bit of titillation for the troops. I could see it from that perspective — but that night all I could think of was if they were allowed to be all up on each other like that then I was going to demand a little of the same from BTS…

mamamoo kconny16 5

There was one point where they were performing a song which was a bit of a strong rap and I thought “Wow, this song is really my thing.” but then realized it was just a chorus from the same song. It was odd, but that part of the song? I loved.

When they finished it was time for Eric Nam to perform.

Eric Nam KCONNY16 3

Now. Eric Nam is pretty much a fixture at Kcon, usually hosting things like red carpets, being a special guest, things like that. He’s the go to because he’s charming and speaks fluent English. This is the first time he’s been to the event as a true guest. Throughout the lead up and the night I kept wondering how stoked he must have been to be there, to see where his career has built to.

Eric Nam KCONNY16

I’m going to admit his music isn’t my cup of tea as I’m not much of a ballad person, but Eric Nam and his charming, charming self sold the crap out of it. He was witty and fast on his feet with the crowd. This was probably the first time I’ve been to a concert where I couldn’t wait for his music to stop so I could hear him talk more. He joked about his music being sad and depressing but asked us to please try and dance along anyway. His last song he actually performed a new piece which was 1) in English and 2) awesome. It actually made one want to climb out of their seats and dance. If this is the future of Eric Nam then I am in.Eric Nam KCONNY16 4

He was also one of the few performers, during the breadth of the two nights to make full use of all three stages. At one point he was at the last stage and he teased an apparently hiding Ailee and Rap Mon, trying to get them to do something. I of course, spent the rest of the song trying to catch a glimpse of the two.

Eric Nam KCONNY16 9

When his song was over, the two came up. This was a little bit sad as they were faced away from us, and usually the big cameras pick them up and display them on the big screens, but this time, not so much.

Rap Monster Ailee KconNY16

It was especially bad timing because they were doing some acting out of song names and asking the crowd to name them. Since we couldn’t see, we couldn’t guess. Then to top it off, Ailee told Rap Mon to do aegyo for the crowd and we missed it! Then Rap Mon adorably wondered just how we here knew what aegyo was. Come on Rap Mon, do you think we’re Kpop amateurs here?

The next group to play was a group that I hadn’t heard before but reader and listener and awesome KChat shirt wear-er Lori recommended to me, Day 6. (Who, to this day, I keep wanting to call Take 6.) She said that they had an indie feel to them that she knew I would enjoy.

Day 6 KCONNY16 1

Regina and I were in for a huge surprise when they came out and were rocking real instruments. An instrument playing band!?! 

Day 6 KCONNY16 2

From the very first song we were hooked! Lori was right, these guys were good! And right up my musical alley. I really am going to have to go out and get all of their music now. I may have also called Jacqueline while they were performing because, well this awesome should be shared with those who can not be there.Day 6 KCONNY16 7

They toyed with the crowd, deciding to cover a label mates song, trying to figure out which one (come on, we all know there is no way you go out onto the KCON stage and just wing it) they ended up doing a CNBLUE song which made us cheer like crazy as Regina and I are huge CNBLUE fans, with an especially big soft spot because we actually met on the train on the way to their last NY concert.Day 6 KCONNY16 4

Sadly, they were off the stage too soon, and we got a nice little duet with Eric Nam and Ailee. They finally made use of the Toyota which had been lurking the at the bottom of the stage for the two nights, rising it up to be level with the stage and having Ailee climb out of it.Eric Nam Ailee KCONNY16 2

The song was a little love song, and they were adorable together, but the best part came at the end of the song where they had to pretend to be close and kiss but then broke apart laughing “EW” because in real life they are good friends.Eric Nam Ailee KCONNY16

This interlude was clearly making way for the crew to clear off the band equipment and stir up the crowd for the inevitable. The big show. The thing we were all waiting for. MOTHER FLIPPIN’ BTS.


This is where the post gets hard. Why? That Alexis man, ALEXIS. She took so many good photos of the group that choosing one is like a little stab to my heart. I may put up an auxiliary post for those of you who want to see the full line up of pictures.BTS Rap Monster V KCON16NY 2

When BTS came out the crowd…yeah…there is no other word for this, the crowd lost their shit. Remember those girls in front of us who warned us of our ear piecing screams? Yeah. I couldn’t hear them at all over the sound of my own.


We freaked out from the very first strains of the song. Of course they did Fire and Save Me. As those songs are on heavy rotation on my gym Youtube playlist, to see them perform the songs in person was amazing. The dancing, the singing, their attitudes, yep. Blew my mind.BTS KCON16NY 3

This is the first time that I’ve been such a fan of the band where I love every single member of the group. Yes, I love BigBang. But I have huge love for T.O.P and GDragon, the rest of the group gets a big eh, they are good too I guess. But BTS? Its each member separately and as a whole that I love. Seeing Suga dominate the stage, knowing he owned each and every one of us,


Jimin, alone on his own little corner of the stage dancing like he was, well, making out with the whole crowd,

BTS Jimin KCON16NY 4

V and his adorable hyper 4D personality out there for all of us to see.


There was one time where I couldn’t find Jungkook on the stage and I might have freaked out, “Where’s Jungkook? Where’d Jungkook go?” like he’d fallen off the stage or disappeared into thin air or something, only relaxing once I’d spotted him again?BTS V KCON16NY 2

I loved all of them.

BTS rap monster KCON16NY

During the a few of the songs they came together and did their regular song and dance, but there were parts where they separated, spreading themselves over the three stages, giving everyone a different look and this was the best. It reminded me of the BigBang concert as they did this a lot. It shows that they can work together as a team, but they all capable of going off and doing their own things too. Separate but together.BTS Jimin KCON16NY 8

When they were introducing themselves, and it got to Yoongi’s turn? He pretended like he couldn’t hear us, taking off his ear piece and cupping his ear to the crowd. I’m not sure why this was so effective or (dare I say) so sexy, but there it was.

BTS Suga Jin KCON16NY 4

It wasn’t until looking at these pictures that I noticed V  (Taehyung) changed from this button up,


to an oddball sweater which everyone I’ve spoken to loved.



You may wonder why the no JHope (or Hoseok) love. Easy enough. Usually in the background videos and such it seems like it’s V who is the spazz? Hoseok will not pause. Almost every picture of him was a blur because he was constantly on the move. It’s no wonder why he is the main dancer.


Throughout BTS’s performance I had Jacqueline on the phone so she could hear. Which was all cool and stuff until I realized after the concert all she probably heard was me screaming at the top of my lungs. Because apparently that’s what I do when BTS is on stage. (Especially Jimin. I feel the need to shout Jimin whenever I see him, a video of him, or a picture of him. Ask my poor friends. Is Jimin my favorite? No. Well I love him but he’s not my ultimate. I just inexplicably need to shout his name. JIMIN!)


But all too soon they were done and decided to get off the stage. I swear to GDragon on high that if they ever come here for a full concert I WILL get tickets this time. As this much awesome can not be held into a simple set. But luckily? Alexis took video. Here is the first song:

And the introductions, Boys With Fun, and Cypher part 3 (which everyone was happily surprised they decided to perform as it’s an older one of theirs.)

So then the night was done. And we were sad. 🙁 The closing was a lot of fun as we got to see BTS interact with the rest of the performers.

KCON16NY BTS Take 6 closing

Especially with Eric Nam. (blurry but I HAD to include it.)

KCON16NY BTS Eric Nam closing

One more Suga for the road?

KCON16NY Suga closing


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