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goryeo featureDo you ever have those actors where you feel like you should really like? That if only they did shows that were in your wheelhouse, you would be all over them? (And by them, of course I mean their work you big perv.) Actors that you hear such accolades from others about just how good they are and how much you are missing but no matter how much you try, you just can’t sit your butt down through an entire drama of theirs? Come on, I know we have them.

For me, though this is about to get me in a lot of trouble with Regina, I’ll admit I just haven’t’ been able to attach myself to Lee Jun Ki.

Yes. Everyone agrees he is lovely, that his acting ranks him at or above the level of some of his same age friends. I even was able to watch him in Arang and the Magistrate, but beyond that, I haven’t watched a single drama of his. Or movies. (As he has put out quite a collection of note worthy films. Or at least Regina tells me I must watch The King and the Clown — she loves it so much I’m afraid she’s going to make watching it a condition of our friendship.) I even watched like three episodes of Scholar Who Walks At Night and…nothing. I never really cared enough to that crazy-pants show to go back.

Here’s the thing though, his shows always seem so stylish and fast paced with interesting premises that if I don’t at least mean to watch them, then I at least take note, thinking…well, maybe. But I’m never really able to flip that switch.

Is there a reason for this post, you ask? Well, it’s a new summer, which means it’s time for a new Lee Jung Ki drama. (Gah! I’m getting flashbacks of trying to watch Scholar while on the plane to KCON with the drunk guy next to me watching over my shoulder trying to figure out what was going on but mostly just shaking his head in befuddlement. I’d roll my eyes at him, but even sober it was hard making sense of that drama.)

This years drama is the wordy Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Goryeo. Ummm….you know how dramas usually have lots of different names? This is probably the first one I’ve seen where they just decided to go with all of them. Reminds me of Nine: Nine Times Time Travel, you know, except for an entire extra title worse. While it’s still too early to have a teaser, we’ve got some awfully teasing character posters floating out there.

I will also admit I sometimes get excited for this show but only because I’m actually mixing it up with another Saeguk due to hit the TVs at the end of the year, the one with the flower boy warriors, or, more specifically, the one with the acting debut of V from BTS. (Now, as I’m still in the midst of a giant BTS fervor you’d better believe I’ll be getting in line for that one!) This drama has EXO’s Baekhyun but let me tell you, that isn’t doing diddly to make me want to watch…

This drama stars IU opposite Lee Jun Ki as a modern day girl who gets transported back to the Goryeo dynasty — the dynasty which took place before Joseon, so I’m guessing even more brutal and very much not pro woman. Although, this is where the plastic surgeon heroine landed in Faith and she survived okay, so maybe IU will be okay. Hahahahah….sorry, I couldn’t even keep a straight face for that one! Yeah, those worriers had better be as fierce as they appear in the pictures or her impish, doe eyed self is going to be Goryeo road kill.goryeo 5

She goes back in time during an eclipse, freaks everyone out (I’m seeing her being locked up as a witch) and then she falls in love with the prince. As one does in dramas. Part of me thinks she’s a little young for Lee Jun Ki, but IU has actually been around for a while and as personally she’s dating an older man, I can see it on her. I think it’s that dewy-innocence she works so hard to achieve. I remember her trying to pull off a different sort of role in Producers and, for me, she fell flat.

The drama does have Kang Haneul in it as a side character and while it does make me more interested in watching as, like Lee Jun Ki, I’ve been meaning to catch more of his dramas, I’m a little disappointed that he still hasn’t achieved lead role in his dramas yet.

goryeo 2

Moon Lovers: Scarlett Heart: Goryeo begins the end of August after the Park Shin Hye drama Doctors ends it’s run so I guess we have lots of time to decide on whether to watch or not.

What about you? Are you excited for this drama? Is Lee Jun Ki on your absolutely must watch list?

Turns out, I was wrong, there are videos. This one, I’m guessing was filmed before IU got on the set. Very bloody, very hair swirly.

Here is a long one, subbed, and looks like it comes from a completely different sort of drama.

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