Buttons Thou Art Burnt

Posted by Stephanie on July 7, 2016

Casting News


A while back I heard rumbles over a possible new drama focusing on the life of an Olympic weight lifter, Jang Mi Ran. Now, Kdrama does love a good underdog story, and ‘basing things’ on ‘actual lives’ (The quotes are for the whole, take a real person’s life and makjang that shit up. See or not see examples such as Bachelor’s Vegetable Store or Baker King) so this isn’t really a stretch for them.

What did surprise me and made me both excited and apprehensive for the drama was that this would be based on a woman of size. Yeah. Kdrama doesn’t really swing that way. The closest we got was last years Oh My Venus which was Shin Min Ah in a rapidly disappearing fat suit. Or possibly that one with Gookju as the plus sized heroine — for about 5 minutes until she got drastic surgery and was reborn as the typical skinny heroine.


When I first heard of this drama, I thought, maybe this time! Maybe this time we’d get a full Gookju drama, or, anyone else who could properly play a woman who was made fun of and looked down upon until she found her calling, weight lifting. As, power lifters like that are not skinny people. Maybe this time.

HAHAHAHA. What were we thinking? Yeah. This is the girl they cast:


This takes the show as a oooohhh maybe I’ll watch to a no way, no how, don’t even let me look upon it lest I hurl upon my laptop. As laptops are not cheap, and I already had to replace mine once this year due to careless behavior, I’ll be steering clear. It just burns my buttons how sizest things can be sometimes.

It makes you wonder what the real Lee Sung Kyun thinks about the matter. Is this a little bit like taking her story, what she’s gone through, and slapping her in the face? Well, you’re good at all at what you do, but if we were to actually cast someone who looked like you, someone who understands the source material, well, then we couldn’t sell that.

You’re good — just not good enough.

This may just be me projecting onto the drama. This may just be a full on Stephanie Rant which it both undeserved and unneeded, but it’s a button for me. A button that the casting people pressed hard. Then Broke. Then bought a new button.

And pressed that one.


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